Shallow Life mp3 Album by Lacuna Coil

Shallow Lifeby Lacuna Coil

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 44:03


2.I Wont Tell You3:49
3.Not Enough3:40
4.I'M Not Afraid3:23
5.I Like It3:42
7.The Pain4:01
9.Wide Awake3:51
10.The Maze3:38
12.Shallow Life4:00
I just happen to stumble on this album about 6 months ago looking for some new music to try. Of you like the band Evanescence, you'll like this album..Especially the song "Spellbound." I even got my 15 year old daughter hooked!!!
Big Al
An overall great album, a showcase of some of their best work yet. The band have found a new direction for this album, with the same dark metal influences their fan's love. Perfect for those wishing to try out the band for the first time, and an essential for fans of the band or metal fans in general. A top purchase!