War Is The Answer mp3 Album by Five Finger Death Punch
  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 52:07


1.Dying Breed2:55
2.Hard To See3:29
4.No One Gets Left Behind3:24
5.Crossing Over2:54
6.Burn It Down3:33
7.Far From Home3:32
8.Falling In Hate3:00
9.My Own Hell3:35
10.Walk Away3:43
11.Canto 344:10
12.Bad Company4:22
13.War Is The Answer3:20
This is (in mine and almost everyone else)'s favorite Five Finger Death Punch Album. This album contains a lot of harmonies and melodies (at times), but also delivers that kick-ass Metal that all fans want to hear. This album, "War is the Answer", was released in 2009, and was very popular among the 5FDP audience. On their path to musical (MeTaL) Domination, Five Finger Death Punch is sure as hell getting there with some of their hit songs: "Bad Company" and "Bulletproof". This is clearly their most intricate album and it packs a punch to listen to when you are angry or just feeling awesome. I really recommend this album to any Metal or Rock fan, especially if you like SlipKnot because they have similar sounds. Thanks MP3CAPRICE.