Sing When You're Winning mp3 Album by Robbie Williams

Sing When You're Winningby Robbie Williams

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 51:44


1.Let Love Be Your Energy4:59
2.Better Man3:23
3.Rock Dj4:19
6.If It'S Hurting You4:10
7.Singing For The Lonely4:32
8.Love Calling Earth4:06
9.Knutsford City Limits4:45
10.Forever Texas3:38
11.By All Means Necessary4:46
12.The Road To Mandalay4:01
V. Rachal
There is a reason why "Sing When You're Winning" went double platinum in the UK after only one week out. It is the quintessential Robbie Williams album. There are the usual tongue-in-cheek pop tracks like Kids, Supreme and By All Means Necessary which show case Robbie's mischievous side. Then there are the pretty, soulful ballads like Better Man, If It's Hurting You and The Road to Mandalay. Rock DJ was the big number one hit and is a great club/dance song. It's a playful, fun rock-pop album with a soft side underneath the sarcasm. This is the Robbie Williams album I listen to the most.