Somethin's Happening mp3 Album by Peter Frampton

Somethin's Happeningby Peter Frampton

  • 8 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 42:53


1.Doobie Wah4:04
2.Golden Goose5:30
4.I Wanna Go To The Sun7:29
5.Baby (Somethin's Happening)4:47
7.Magic Moon (Da Da Da Da Da)3:50
8.Sail Away7:33
Kenneth Evans
Former Herd and Humble Pie founding guitarist Peter Frampton hits major strides with his 3rd LP 'Something's Happening". Working with a whittled down to a trio of drummer John Headley-Down and bassist Rick Wills, Frampton produces a tapestry of diverse musical rock styles on this LP. "Underhand" is probably Frampton's best track of all time, starting off with glistening, upbeat acoustic guitars and moving into an unforgettable chorus. "I Wanna Go To The Sun" and "Sail Away" are 7 minute mid-tempo rockers that builds rather nicely with great melodies. "(Baby) Somethings Happening" is another one of Frampton's best ever songs; wondering why the record company didn't release or promote this heavily as a single. When this album was released, it really didn't make much fanfare. The truth is, this LP has held up very well over time as one of Peter's more artistic plateau LP's before the "Frampton's Comes Alive" sensation hit. Please, don't miss this one! A true gem.