South Of Heaven mp3 Album by Slayer

South Of Heavenby Slayer

  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 36:56


1.South Of Heaven5:00
2.Silent Scream3:05
3.Live Undead3:50
4.Behind The Crooked Cross3:15
5.Mandatory Suicide4:05
6.Ghosts Of War3:54
7.Read Between The Lies3:20
8.Cleanse The Soul3:02
9.Dissident Aggressor (Judas Priest Cover)2:35
10.Spill The Blood4:50
This album has to be one of my favorite Slayer albums. The other reviews saying its "discusting garbage" are wrong. I really enjoyed this Slayer album and havent found anything wrong in the lyrics. People just assume that because they cant handle the album art. They dont even give the music a chance. I love Slayer and there a great band. This is one of there best album yet. Why critize it just because your a spaz? I say buy this album if your a fan of Metal music or Slayer!
Wow pushed it way to far with this album. This album has got to be one of the worste ones by them. I thought "Hell Awaits" was with them talking about rape and necrophilia,but this one pushed it way to far talking about child death in one of the songs. I used to like there songs because I liked to think about there lyrics as "a scary movie in your head that you could make up when you hear the lyrics". I just ignored that one album and chose not to listen to it. But no. Now with two bad albums I can't do that. Child death is not something to sing about and put in your songs.This is absolutely disgusting. I liked when they also talked about religion in a strong manner.That's the slayer I like. NOT this disgusting garbage of an album they thought would have been "good" or something.I can't believe people would like this stuff.This is just ridiculous I can't say it enough. WHY SLAYER? WHY would you talk about this kind of stuff? HOW can you live with youselves knowing you talk like this? This is just trash. DO NOT BUY THIS ALBUM I WARN YOU,YOU WILL REGRET IT AND IF YOU BUY IT IN MP3 THAT WILL BE A WASTE OF MONEY SINCE YOU CAN'T GET A REFUND! I thought this album would be a good one with a title like "South of Heaven" meaning Hell for people that did not get that. Just like "Christ Illusion" and "God Hates Us All" were good titles AND good albums that didn't push anything that far. Unlike this piece of garbage. I can't believe "South of Heaven" would be this terrible.I absoloutly HATE this TRASH.THIS IS DISGUSTING GARBAGE THE LYRICS ARE EVIL AND TERRIBLE. IT IS A WASTE OF YOUR MONEY! SEARCH FOR A BETTER BAND WITH BETTER LYRICS IF YOU WANT SOMETHING WORTH YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. I will never spend another cent on this trashy disgusting evil band. I don't care if this website had a sale on Slayer albums for 1 cent every album. I STILL WOULDNOT LISTEN TO THIS STUFF. You know what you couldn't even PAY ME to listen to this stuff that's how horrible this is. A very dissapointed fan now an ex fan. They pushed it way to far with this album "South of Heaven" and "Hell Awaits". I wish I would have heard about these songs sooner so I wouldn't waste my time with such an evil band. Thanks for wasteing my time Slayer. You don't deserve your spot in "The Big Four". It should be the big three with Metallica,Anthrax, & Megadeth. Or at least add the other fourth band that has some GOOD lyrics. Anyway ONE STAR ONLY. I would give it negative one hundered if I could. BAD ALBUM. STAY AWAY FROM IT.It's a waste of time and it's EVIL!