Swingbillies by Various Artists


by Various Artists

  • 100 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:06:27


Disk #1

1.Hard Top Raceby George Stogner2:24
2.Taxes, Taxesby Hank Penny2:46
3.Run 'em Offby Onie Wheeler2:49
4.Bowlin' Babyby Johnny Horton2:16
5.Kiss The Baby Goodnightby Charline Arthur2:15
6.Go Boy Goby Carl Smith2:05
7.Milk Bucket Boogieby Shirley Reece & The Rainbow Valley Boys2:22
8.Bald Headed Daddyby Les Chambers2:38
9.Wine O'boogieby Bill Nettles2:36
10.Caffeine And Nikotineby Curtis Gordon2:04
11.No Muss, No Fuss, No Botherby Hank Penny2:24
12.Giles Countyby Red Foley3:13
13.I Don't Mindby Pee Wee King2:19
14.Grooked Diceby Leo Ogletree2:45
15.Hot Rod Raceby Jimmie Dolan2:31
16.Catfish Boogieby Tennessee Ernie Ford2:17
17.Carmen's Boogieby Spade Cooley1:54
18.I Know About The Beesby Tommy Sands2:05
19.Moblin' Baby Of Mineby Eddie Marshall2:17
20.It 'd Surprise Youby Rosalie Allen2:46
21.Hadacol Boogieby Jesse Rodgers2:37
22.TT Boogieby Charlie Adams2:17
23.Pinball Boogieby Red Foley2:31
24.Gone With The Wind This Morningby Wayne Raney2:25
25.Stratosphere Boogieby Speedy West2:09

Disk #2

1.Smoke Smoke Smoke (That Cigarette)by Johnny Bond2:46
2.Three Way Boogieby Spade Cooley2:39
3.Georgia Boogieby Curley Williams2:53
4.Cowboy Stompby Bob Wills2:21
5.Mean Mama Boogieby Johnny Bond2:48
6.Yodelling Polkaby Spade Cooley2:39
7.Saturday Night Boogieby Al Dexter2:38
8.Squeeze Box Polkaby Louise Massey2:50
9.Beer Bottle Mamaby Andy Reynolds2:25
10.Fiddlin' Boogieby Curley Williams2:35
11.Get Your Kicksby Johnny Hicks2:23
12.Give Me A Red Hot Mama And An Ice Cold Beerby Smiley Maxedon2:18
13.Hot Todayby Red Foley2:36
14.The Sissy Songby Billy Briggs2:36
15.Drunk Man's Wiggleby Jimmy Myers2:41
16.Music Makin' Mama From Tennesseeby R. D. Hendon2:16
17.Devils Hot Rodby Johnny Tyler2:14
18.Salt Your Pillow Downby Jimmy Johnson2:40
19.Hound Dogby Billy Starr2:19
20.Steamboat Stompby Eddie Hill2:36
21.Sugar Plum Boogieby Frank Simon2:17
22.Hot Rod Ragby Texas T. Tyler2:08
23.Bring It Down To My Houseby Maddox Brothers & Rose2:30
24.How Longby Cotton Thomson2:27
25.My Baby's Just Like Moneyby Lefty Frizell2:13

Disk #3

1.Blue Guitar Stompby Leon Mcauliffe2:58
2.Hobo Boogieby Leon Foley2:49
3.You're Bound To Look Like A Monkeyby Hank Penny2:17
4.Railroadin'by Jimmy Bryant2:09
5.Rompin' And Stompin'by Curtis Gordon2:38
6.True Blue Papaby Leon Chappel2:24
7.Flamin' Mamieby Hank Penny2:39
8.When My Baby Does Her Double Talkby Merle Travis2:09
9.All Night Boogieby Tommy Sosebee2:27
10.Bull Fiddle Boogieby Pee Wee King2:31
11.Mean Mean Womanby Roy Hogsed2:29
12.Move It On Overby Hank Williams2:43
13.Texas Bluesby Foy Willing2:47
14.Take It Away, Leonby Leon Mcauliffe2:41
15.The Shotgun Boogieby Tennessee Ernie Ford2:34
16.Where'd Ja Get So Much Ofby Curtis Gordon2:13
17.Plantation Boogieby Red Foley2:16
18.Pan American Boogieby Lonnie Glosson2:40
19.Two Timin' Mamaby Hank Penny2:38
20.Howlin' At The Moonby Hank Williams2:41
21.Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Youngby Faron Young2:15
22.Jack And Jill Boogieby Wayne Raney2:44
23.Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyesby Skeets Mcdonald2:45
24.You Better Not Do Thatby Tommy Collins2:26
25.Blackberry Boogieby Tennessee Ernie Ford2:27

Disk #4

1.Behind The Eight Ballby Bill Haley2:38
2.Flyin' Saucer Boogieby Eddie Cletro2:46
3.Honky-Tonk Girlby Hank Thompson2:22
4.Why Don't You Love Meby Delbert Barker2:25
5.Hot Rod Raceby Arkie Shibley2:27
6.Barn Dance Boogieby Art Gunn2:23
7.Blackeyed Joe'sby Little Jimmy Dickens2:05
8.Look A Hereby Ramblin' Jimmy Dolan2:00
9.The Honeymoon's Overby Betty Hutton1:53
10.Fiddle Diddle Boogieby Davis Sisters1:49
11.Hopahoola Boogieby Chuck Miller2:03
12.Pan Americanby Hawkshaw Hawkins2:56
13.Cocaine Bluesby Billy Hughes2:37
14.Why Baby Whyby George Jones2:14
15.Tennessee Borderby Tennessee Ernie Ford2:23
16.Snatchin' And Grabbin'by Merrill Moore2:27
17.Downtown Boogieby Milo Twins2:20
18.Wild Cat Boogieby Forest Rye2:28
19.Pepper Hot Babyby Justin Tubb2:08
20.Freight Train Boogieby Johnny Tyler2:29
21.Rootie Tootieby Paul Howard2:45
22.Catch 'em Young, Treat 'em Rough, Tell 'em Nothingby Hank Penny2:13
23.Baby Baby Meby Curtis Gordon1:59
24.What's The Matter With The Millby Bob Wills2:51
25.Mind Your Own Businessby Hank Williams2:53