Take A Back Road mp3 Single by Rodney Atkins

Take A Back Roadby Rodney Atkins

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1.Take a Back Road3:33
Love this single by rodney atkins. I heard him play it in concert and fell in love with this tune. The beat of this song really gets you feeling spunky, and the lyrics just take me back to another place in time. Love to have the radio turned up loud in the truck windows down and enjoy the feeling of being somewhere else when I play this tune. Great single!
This is country at its finest. It embraces the culture and makes you want to take a back road home, as the title suggests. This song is all about having a good time and enjoying the little things, something everyone should every now and then. Rodney Atkin's voice, the unusually smooth one of someone who still manages to sound like the average Southern man, is perfect for the song. This is yet another hit for him.