The Foundation mp3 Album by Zac Brown Band

The Foundationby Zac Brown Band

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 42:35


2.Whatever It Is3:28
3.Where The Boat Leaves From3:42
4.Violin Intro To Free1:02
6.Chicken Fried3:57
8.Different Kind Of Fine3:17
9.Highway 20 Ride3:49
10.It'S Not Ok4:11
12.Sic 'Em On A Chicken3:52
Rosso Calzini
This is the album that cemented Zac Brown's place in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Because of the talent demonstrated here you have big name like: Toby Keith, Hunter Hayes and Faith Hill commending the great music coming from these guys.They are a great addition to anyones music collection as the music seems to cross genres. It's amazing how the folk/bluegrass sound transcends music lines.
Rene Seibert
Wow!! Can I just say for a moment, big round of applause for the Zac Brown Band! Love them . Five stars my peeps. Good county sound, easy , relatable lyrics, and easy listening . This is the stuff you can come home to after a hards days work and enjoy ans relax to!Hats off Zac ! Love the Jimmy Buffet combo"s!!All the lyrics I have heard from this Zac Brown band have all been about things that matter! Luv It! One song about a highway used by a father once a month to go see his son from a broken marriage. Lets face it, This music is nas american as apple pie! I highly recommend this album to everyone! Good heatred country music ! Til next time ! Rene
Sheila Cheasbro
Absolutely a fantastic album! Normally, I am into classic country - the likes of George Jones, Loretta Lynn, etc...but this ZBB album is HOT.

I really like the "summer" feel of the single, Toes - my favorite track on the whole album.

Like Jimmy Buffet? Like Kenny Chesney? Well, Zac Brown Band has the sound of both, but with more original lyrics and better hooks.