Tarzan mp3 Soundtrack by Phil Collins
  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 41:00


1.01 Two Worlds (Phil Collins)by Phil Collins3:18
2.02 You'Ll Be In My Heart (Phil Collins And Glenn Close)by Phil Collins1:37
3.03 Son Of Man (Phil Collins)by Phil Collins2:45
4.04 Trashin' The Camp (Phil Collins And Rosie O'Donnel)by Phil Collins2:17
5.05 Strangers Like Me (Phil Collins)by Phil Collins3:01
6.06 Two Worlds Reprise (Phil Collins)by Phil Collins0:51
7.07 Trashin' The Camp (Phil And 'N Sync Version)by Phil Collins2:24
8.08 You'Ll Be In My Heart (Phil Version) (Phil Collins)by Phil Collins4:18
9.09 Two Worlds (Phil Version) (Phil Collins)by Phil Collins2:42
10.10 A Wondrous Place (Mark Mancina)by Phil Collins5:18
11.11 Moves Like An Ape, Looks Like A Man (Mark Mancina)by Phil Collins2:57
12.12 The Gorillas (Mark Mancina)by Phil Collins4:28
13.13 One Family (Mark Mancina)by Phil Collins3:48
14.14 Two Worlds Finale (Phil Collins)by Phil Collins1:16
If I had to describe this album in only one word, I would say that it is melodious. Phil Collins' gorgeous voice is on the majority of the tracks, and it is almost impossible to not smile when any of the songs play. It probably helps that the movie they are included in is so sweet. If you're a Disney fan and you've seen Tarzan, you should buy this. It's lovely.