Tempest mp3 Album by Bob Dylan

Tempestby Bob Dylan

  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:08:34


1.Duquesne Whistle5:44
2.Soon After Midnight3:28
3.Narrow Way7:28
4.Long and Wasted Years3:47
5.Pay in Blood5:10
6.Scarlet Town7:17
7.Early Roman Kings5:14
8.Tin Angel9:05
10.Roll on John7:26
Wow. Who on earth would have thought that Bob Dylan would ever go on to put out amazing music in 2012? I don't think there is ANY doubt that he is the definitive artist of our time. I mean, has there been any other artist/band that kept a steady output of flawless albums( well, almost flawless) over the course of 60 years! Though not as consistent as the nineties masterpiece, "Time Out of Mind", "Tempest" still shows us that bob's songwriting superpowers have not tarnished over the years with some of the best songs he's written in over a decade, with lyrics about politics, love, John Lennon, and the Titanic, I haven't felt this entertained by Bobs music since 'Highway 61" I think the highlights of the album are "Narrow Way", with its excellent guitar riff and Chicago blues twinge. "Scarlet Town" is another gem, and zone of Dylan's most haunting, showing how mysterious he can be even after releasing 35 albums. "Early Roman Kings" is another bluesy number, but the true core of this album is the epic fourteen minute title track, which tells us about the Titanic disaster, going on to mention Leonardo DiCaprio, using some excellent wordplay that distinguishes Dylan from any other songwriter. The closes off with the heartfelt "Roll On John", a tribute to the long gne John Lennon. I think this is a great addition to the extensive Dylan catalog, and may it not be the last.