The Animal Years (Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by Josh Ritter

The Animal Years (Deluxe Edition)by Josh Ritter

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:50:47


Disk #1

1.Girl in the War4:24
3.Monster Ballads4:06
4.Lillian, Egypt3:24
6.In the Dark4:42
7.One More Mouth3:29
8.Good Man4:09
9.Best for the Best3:58
10.Thin Blue Flame9:39
11.Here at the Right Time3:40

Disk #2

1.Girl in the War (acoustic)4:18
2.Wolves (acoustic)3:38
3.Monster Ballads (acoustic)3:45
4.Lillian, Egypt (acoustic)3:34
5.Idaho (acoustic)4:34
6.In the Dark (acoustic)4:24
7.One More Mouth (acoustic)3:19
8.Good Man (acoustic)3:39
9.Best for the Best (acoustic)4:03
10.Thin Blue Flame (acoustic)8:05
11.Here at the Right Time (acoustic)3:23
12.Blame It on the Tetons (B-Side)4:05
13.Harbortown (B-Side)3:15
14.Peter Killed the Dragon (B-Side)2:35
15.Monster Ballads (early version)4:43