The Complete Billie Holiday On Verve 1945-1959 mp3 Artist Compilation by Billie Holiday

The Complete Billie Holiday On Verve 1945-1959by Billie Holiday

  • 256 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 12:04:58


Disk #1

1.Body and Soul3:24
2.Strange Fruit3:01
3.I Cried for You2:18
4.Fine and Mellow3:51
5.He's Funny That Way3:22
6.The Man I Love3:04
7.Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You2:20
8.All of Me1:56
9.Billie's Blues3:39
10.Travelin' Light3:28
11.He's Funny That Way2:56
12.[announcement] [Norman Granz]0:09
13.You Better Go Now2:56
14.You're Driving Me Crazy1:30
15.There Is No Greater Love2:34
16.I Cover the Waterfront2:58
17.[announcement] [Norman Granz]0:29
18.East of the Sun (and West of the Moon)2:56
19.Blue Moon3:31
20.You Go to My Head2:57
21.You Turn the Tables on Me3:28
22.Easy to Love3:02
23.These Foolish Things3:36
24.I Only Have Eyes for You2:54

Disk #2

1.Everything I Have Is Yours3:46
2.Love for Sale2:59
5.If the Moon Turns Green2:47
7.Autumn in New York3:43
8.Autumn in New York (78 rpm)3:57
9.My Man2:39
10.Lover, Come Back to Me3:37
11.Stormy Weather3:43
13.He's Funny That Way3:14
14.I Can't Face the Music3:19
15.[MC and Leonard Feather announcement]0:48
16.Blue Moon2:05
17.All of Me1:43
18.My Man2:52
19.Them There Eyes1:41
20.I Cried for You3:23
21.What a Little Moonlight Can Do2:41
22.I Cover the Waterfront3:17
23.[Leonard Feather announcement]0:21
24.Billie's Blues11:39

Disk #3

1.Lover, Come Back to Me6:51
2.How Deep Is the Ocean?2:59
3.What a Little Moonlight Can Do3:12
4.I Cried for You2:31
5.Love Me or Leave Me2:35
6.P.S. I Love You3:37
7.Too Marvelous for Words2:13
9.I Thought About You2:48
10.Willow Weep for Me3:08
11.Stormy Blues3:31
12.Say It Isn't So3:04
13.I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm3:58
14.I Wished on the Moon6:50
16.Everything Happens to Me6:22
17.Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me5:01
18.Ain't Misbehavin'4:39

Disk #4

1.Nice Work If You Can Get It4:05
2.[discussion about Nice Work If You Can Get It]0:41
3.Mandy Is Two4:32
4.Prelude to a Kiss2:48
5.I Must Have That Man1:06
6.Jeepers Creepers2:13
7.Jeepers Creepers0:51
8.[discussion about Jeepers Creepers]3:25
9.[discussion about Jeepers Creepers]2:28
10.Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone1:58
11.Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone2:58
12.[discussion about Moonlight in Vermount]0:52
15.Moonlight in Vermont2:02
16.Everything Happens to Me3:27
18.I Don't Want to Cry Any More4:25
19.I Don't Want to Cry Any More2:27
20.[discussion about I Don't Want to Cry Any More]5:34
21.Everything Happens to Me3:00
23.When You Are Away, Dear1:41
25.It Had to Be You1:56
26.The Mood That I'm In0:32
27.Gone With the Wind1:38
28.I Got It Bad (and That Ain't Good)3:17
30.A Sunbonnet Blue0:08
31.(I Don't Stand a) Ghost of a Chance1:33
33.I'm Walkin' Through Heaven With You2:06
35.Just Friends1:02
36.The Nearness of You1:06
38.It's Too Hot for Words0:21
39.They Say2:26
40.I Won't Believe It I Don't Want to Cry Any More0:20

Disk #5

1.I Don't Want to Cry Any More0:32
2.I Don't Want to Cry Any More3:56
3.[studio talk about Prelude to a Kiss]0:14
4.[studio talk about Prelude to a Kiss]0:52
5.Prelude to a Kiss5:35
6.(I Don't Stand a) Ghost of a Chance4:29
7.When Your Lover Has Gone0:50
8.[studio talk about When Your Lover Has Gone]1:01
9.[studio talk]0:24
10.When Your Lover Has Gone4:59
11.Gone With the Wind3:26
12.[studio talk]0:11
13.Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone4:21
14.It Had to Be You4:02
15.[studio talk]0:08
16.Nice Work If You Can Get It3:51
17.Come Rain or Come Shine4:24
18.I Got a Right to Sing the Blues5:53
19.What's New4:18
20.A Fine Romance0:47
21.A Fine Romance2:45
22.A Fine Romance0:18
23.A Fine Romance1:16
24.A Fine Romance3:19
25.A Fine Romance0:26
26.A Fine Romance3:13
27.A Fine Romance3:35
28.[studio talk]0:06
29.I Hadn't Anyone Till You4:03

Disk #6

1.I Get a Kick Out of You5:42
2.Everything I Have Is Yours4:32
3.Isn't This a Lovely Day?4:17
4.[discussion about Misery]1:26
8.I Must Have That Man!6:31
10.Strange Fruit5:48
11.[discussion about God Bless the Child]5:51
13.God Bless the Child3:16
14.God Bless the Child1:08
16.God Bless the Child3:36
17.One Never Knows, Does One?2:09
19.Beer Barrel Polka1:19
20.Some of These Days1:03
21.A Yiddishe Momme0:39
22.A Yiddishe Momme2:16
24.Lady's Back in Town2:36
27.One Never Knows, Does One?2:39
29.[unknown title]1:54

Disk #7

1.Travelin' Light3:11
2.I Must Have That Man3:06
3.Some Other Spring3:39
4.Lady Sings the Blues3:46
5.Strange Fruit3:04
6.God Bless the Child4:00
7.Good Morning Heartache3:32
8.No Good Man3:23
9.Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me4:15
10.Cheek to Cheek3:38
11.Ill Wind6:17
12.Speak Low4:29
13.We'll Be Together Again4:27
14.All or Nothing at All5:41
15.Sophisticated Lady4:51
16.April in Paris3:03

Disk #8

1.Lady Sings the Blues2:53
2.Lady Sings the Blues2:38
3.Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do2:33
4.Travelin' Light0:45
5.[reading from Lady Sings the Blues]2:06
6.Billie's Blues3:20
7.Body and Soul2:40
8.[reading from Lady Sings the Blues]0:55
9.Don't Explain2:30
11.Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone1:43
12.I'll Be Seeing You2:28
13.[reading from Lady Sings the Blues]2:50
14.My Man3:13
15.I Cried for You3:09
16.Fine and Mellow3:15
17.I Cover the Waterfront3:46
18.What a Little Moonlight Can Do2:54
19.I Wished on the Moon3:28
20.Moonlight in Vermont3:53
21.A Foggy Day4:44
22.I Didn't Know What Time It Was6:02
23.Just One of Those Things0:25
24.[studio talk]0:47
25.Just One of Those Things5:32
26.[studio talk]0:29
27.Comes Love4:00
28.Comes Love0:36
29.Comes Love0:22
30.Comes Love4:00

Disk #9

1.Day in, Day Out6:49
2.Darn That Dream6:20
3.But Not for Me3:51
4.Body and Soul6:26
5.[studio talk]0:45
6.Just Friends6:30
7.[studio talk]0:16
8.Stars Fell on Alabama0:38
9.Stars Fell on Alabama4:30
10.[studio talk about Say It Isn't So]0:26
11.Say It Isn't So3:19
12.[studio talk about Our Love Is Here to Stay]0:28
13.Our Love Is Here to Stay3:43
14.[studio talk about One for My Baby (and One More for the Road)]0:28
15.One for My Baby (And One More for the Road)1:56
16.One for My Baby (And One More for the Road)5:42
17.They Can't Take That Away From Me4:12
18.Embraceable You6:49
19.Let's Call the Whole Thing Off3:26
20.Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You?5:38

Disk #10

1.[Willis Conover announcement]0:54
2.[Johnny Mercer announcement]0:42
3.[fanfare from Oh, Lady Be Good]0:11
4.Nice Work If You Can Get It2:39
5.Willow Weep for Me3:08
6.My Man3:30
7.Lover, Come Back to Me2:06
8.Lady Sings the Blues3:00
9.What a Little Moonlight Can Do2:54
10.[fanfare from Oh, Lady Be Good with Conover announcement]0:23
11.[Leonard Feather announcement]0:47
12.I Wished on the Moon2:43
13.Lover Man3:06
14.All the Way3:26
15.It's Not for Me to Say2:29
16.I'll Never Smile Again3:26
17.Just One More Chance3:47
18.When It's Sleepy Time Down South4:08
19.Don't Worry 'Bout Me3:11
20.Sometimes I'm Happy2:49
21.You Took Advantage of Me3:12
22.There'll Be Some Changes Made2:54
23.'Deed I Do2:16
24.All of You2:33
25.Baby, Won't You Please Come Home?3:04