The Complete Dinah Washington on Mercury, Vol. 1 (1946-1949) mp3 Artist Compilation by Dinah Washington

The Complete Dinah Washington on Mercury, Vol. 1 (1946-1949)by Dinah Washington

  • 66 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:05:14


Disk #1

1.Embraceable You2:58
2.I Can't Get Started With You2:49
3.When A Woman Loves A Man2:58
4.Joy Juice2:50
5.Oo Wee Walkie Talkie2:44
6.The Man I Love3:00
7.You Don't Want Me Then2:33
8.A Slick Chick (On The Mellow Side)*2:26
9.A Slick Chick (On The Mellow Side)2:44
10.Postman Blues*3:27
11.Postman Blues2:57
12.That'S Why A Woman Loves A Heel2:55
13.Mean And Evil Blues*1:56
14.Stairway To The Stars3:02
15.I Want To Be Loved2:55
16.You Satisfy*2:51
17.Fool That I Am*2:35
18.There'S Got To Be A Change*2:37
19.Mean And Evil Blues*2:51
20.Since I Feel For You2:42
21.West Side Baby3:00
22.You Can Depend On Me2:45
23.Early In The Morning*2:36

Disk #2

1.I'M Afraid Of You*2:53
2.I Love You, Yes I Do2:41
3.Don't Come Knockin' At My Door*2:55
4.I Wish I Knew The Name Of The Boy*2:33
5.No More Lonely Gal Blues*2:51
6.Walkin' And Talkin'2:35
7.Ain't Misbehavin'*2:51
8.What Can I Say After I'M Sorry2:40
9.Tell Me So*2:41
10.I Can't Face The Music*2:59
12.Am I Asking Too Much2:51
13.I'M Getting Old Before My Time*3:32
14.I'M Getting Old Before My Time*3:00
15.Record Ban Blues3:18
16.Resolution Blues3:18
17.I Want To Cry3:12
18.Long John Blues3:12
19.In The Rain*2:56
20.I Sould My Heart To The Junkman3:08

Disk #3

1.I'Ll Wait*3:07
2.It'S Too Soon To Know2:44
3.Why Can't You Behave2:49
4.It'S Funny2:38
5.Laughing Boy*2:33
6.Laughing Boy*2:34
7.Am I Really Sorry*2:56
8.How Deep Is The Ocean3:04
9.New York, Chicago & Los Angeles2:00
10.Give Me Back My Tears*2:41
11.Good Daddy Blues*2:43
12.Good Daddy Blues2:27
13.Baby Get Lost*2:57
14.Baby Get Lost2:53
15.I Only Know2:29
16.Drummer Man*2:47
17.Drummer Man*2:48
18.I Challenge Your Kiss3:14
19.Fast Movin' Mama2:16
20.Juice Head Man Of Mine2:45
21.Shuckin' And Jivin'2:23
22.Richest Guy In The Graveyard*2:52
23.Richest Guy In The Graveyard*2:53