The Essential Kansas (Limited Edition 3.0) mp3 Artist Compilation by Kansas

The Essential Kansas (Limited Edition 3.0)by Kansas

  • 33 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:54:21


Disk #1

1.Carry on Wayward Son5:22
2.Song for America10:01
3.The Wall4:48
4.Lonely Street5:42
5.Journey From Mariabronn7:58
6.Child of Innocence4:31
7.Mysteries and Mayhem4:12
8.The Pinnacle9:35
9.Bringing It Back3:34
10.Down the Road3:45
11.What's on My Mind3:25
12.Death of Mother Nature Suite7:53

Disk #2

1.Point of Know Return3:12
2.Cheyenne Anthem6:54
3.Fight Fire With Fire3:42
4.Dust in the Wind3:28
5.Hold On3:51
6.No One Together6:59
7.Play the Game Tonight3:28
8.Closet Chronicles6:29
9.Sparks of the Tempest4:12
10.Portrait (He Knew)4:32
11.On the Other Side6:24
12.People of the South Wind3:37
13.A Glimpse of Home6:34
14.Magnum Opus (live)8:57

Disk #3

1.Can I Tell You3:33
2.Lamplight Symphony8:16
3.Miracles Out of Nowhere6:28
4.Questions of My Childhood3:38
6.The Spider2:09
7.Got to Rock On3:21