The Music Of SMASH mp3 Soundtrack by SMASH Cast

The Music Of SMASHby SMASH Cast

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 42:23


1.Touch Meby SMASH Cast3:53
2.Standby SMASH Cast2:58
3.Who You Areby SMASH Cast3:54
4.Crazy Dreamsby SMASH Cast3:12
5.Beautifulby SMASH Cast3:34
6.Haven't Met You Yetby SMASH Cast2:23
7.Shake It Outby SMASH Cast2:50
8.Brighter Than the Sunby SMASH Cast2:44
9.Let Me Be Your Starby SMASH Cast3:13
10.The 20th Century Fox Mamboby SMASH Cast2:44
11.Mr. & Mrs. Smithby SMASH Cast3:36
12.Let's Be Badby SMASH Cast3:03
13.History Is Made at Nightby SMASH Cast4:19