The Music Of SMASH mp3 Soundtrack by SMASH Cast

The Music Of SMASHby SMASH Cast

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 42:23


1.Touch Meby SMASH Cast3:53
2.Standby SMASH Cast2:58
3.Who You Areby SMASH Cast3:54
4.Crazy Dreamsby SMASH Cast3:12
5.Beautifulby SMASH Cast3:34
6.Haven't Met You Yetby SMASH Cast2:23
7.Shake It Outby SMASH Cast2:50
8.Brighter Than the Sunby SMASH Cast2:44
9.Let Me Be Your Starby SMASH Cast3:13
10.The 20th Century Fox Mamboby SMASH Cast2:44
11.Mr. & Mrs. Smithby SMASH Cast3:36
12.Let's Be Badby SMASH Cast3:03
13.History Is Made at Nightby SMASH Cast4:19
I started watching the show thinking that it would be interesting to see a musical about Marilyn Monroe. I was COMPLETELY blown away by the talented cast Katherine McPhee and Megan Hilty have some of the best voices I've heard!!! Love the original music and have to say that Touch Me is one if my favorite songs. Love turning it up and letting it boom through my speakers. Let Me Be Your Star has the singers, the show, and Marilyn Monroe wrapped up all in one song.
Smash Soundtrack.. I have really enjoyed the television show. Some of the sound are very good. Katherine Mcphee, an American Idol runner up, sings most of the songs. There are some really good covers like Beautiful and Shake It Out. There are some original songs. Part of the songs are show tunes. I personally am not so into those, but they are catchy. I hope them make additional soundtracks. This season's music seems to be even better.