The SMiLE Sessions mp3 Artist Compilation by The Beach Boys

The SMiLE Sessionsby The Beach Boys

  • 144 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:37:43


Disk #1

1.Our Prayer1:05
3.Heroes and Villains4:52
4.Do You Like Worms (Roll Plymouth Rock)3:35
5.I'm in Great Shape0:28
7.My Only Sunshine (The Old Master Painter / You Are My Sunshine)1:55
8.Cabin Essence3:30
10.Look (Song for Children)2:31
11.Child Is Father of the Man2:10
12.Surf's Up4:12
13.I Wanna Be Around / Workshop1:23
16.Wind Chimes3:06
17.The Elements: Fire (Mrs. O'Leary's Cow)2:35
18.Love to Say Dada2:32
19.Good Vibrations4:15
20.You're Welcome1:08
21.Heroes and Villains (stereo mix)4:53
22.Heroes and Villains Sections (stereo mix)7:16
23.Vega-Tables (demo)1:49
24.He Gives Speeches1:13
25.SMiLE Backing Vocals Montage8:29
26.Surf's Up 1967 (solo version)3:48
27.Psycodelic Sounds: Brian Falls Into a Piano [dialogue]1:30
28.Capitol Smile Promo1:02

Disk #2

1.Our Prayer "Dialog" 9/19/663:01
2.Our Prayer 10/4/666:37
3.Heroes and Villains: Verse (master take)0:58
4.Heroes and Villains: Barnyard (master take)1:08
5.Heroes and Villains: I'm in Great Shape 10/27/664:59
6.Heroes and Villains: Intro (early version) circa 12/660:36
7.Heroes and Villains: Do a Lot0:51
8.Heroes and Villains: Bag of Tricks2:59
9.Heroes and Villains: Mission Pak0:55
10.Heroes and Villains: Bridge to Indians1:47
11.Heroes and Villains: Part 1 Tag1:19
12.Heroes and Villains: Pickup to 3rd Verse0:54
13.Heroes and Villains: Children Were Raised2:05
14.Heroes and Villains: Part 2 (Cantina track)1:21
15.Heroes and Villains: Whistling Bridge1:14
16.Heroes and Villains: Cantina1:36
17.Heroes and Villains: All Day2:20
18.Heroes and Villains: Verse Edit Experiment0:47
19.Heroes and Villains: Prelude to Fade3:43
20.Heroes and Villains: Piano Theme2:43
21.Heroes and Villains: Part 22:30
22.Heroes and Villains: Part 2 (Gee) (master take)2:36
23.Heroes and Villains: Part 2 Revised1:54
24.Heroes and Villains: Part 2 Revised (master take)0:48
25.Heroes and Villains: Part 3 (Animals) (master take)1:18
26.Heroes and Villains: Part 42:36
27.Heroes and Villains: Part Two (master take) 2/27/671:44
28.Heroes and Villains: Fade 2/28/676:35
29.Heroes and Villains: Verse remake4:16
30.Heroes and Villains: Organ Waltz / Intro2:04
31.Heroes and Villains: Chorus Vocals0:48
32.Heroes and Villains: Barbershop1:47
33.Heroes and Villains: Children Were Raised (remake)1:03
34.Heroes and Villains: Children Were Raised (master take overdubs mix 1)0:26
35.Heroes and Villains: Children Were Raised (master take a cappella)0:30
36.Heroes and Villains Piano Demo (incorporating "I'm in Great Shape" and "Barnyard")...4:18
37.Psycodelic Sounds: Brian Falls Into a Microphone 11/4/66 [dialogue]1:09
38.Psycodelic Sounds: Moaning Laughing 11/4/661:08

Disk #3

1.Do You Like Worms: Part 15:20
2.Do You Like Worms: Part 2 (Bicycle Rider)1:55
3.Do You Like Worms: Part 32:43
4.Do You Like Worms: Part 4 (Bicycle Rider)1:10
5.Do You Like Worms: Bicycle Rider Overdubs (Heroes and Villains: Part 2) 1/5/670:24
6.My Only Sunshine: Parts 1 & 2 11/14/666:50
7.My Only Sunshine: Part 2 (master take with vocal overdubs) 2/10/670:45
8.Cabin Essence: Verse2:14
9.Cabin Essence: Chorus2:29
10.Cabin Essence: Tag2:30
11.Wonderful (version 1) 8/25/662:58
12.Wonderful (version 2)3:26
13.Wonderful (version 2 tag)2:54
14.Wonderful (version 3) 4/10/67 ?2:42
15.Look 8/12/664:52
16.Child Is Father of the Man (version 1) 10/7/664:58
17.Child Is Father of the Man (version 2) 10/11/665:38
18.Surf's Up: 1st Movement 11/4/664:56
19.Surf's Up: Talking Horns 11/7/663:42
20.Surf's Up: Piano Demo (master take) 12/15/663:55
21.I Wanna Be Around 11/29/663:08
22.Vegetables: Verse (master take track) 4/4-4/11/672:04
23.Vegetables: Sleep a Lot (chorus)2:34
24.Vegetables: Chorus 1 (master take)1:06
25.Vegetables: 2nd Chorus (master take track and backing vocals)1:02
26.Vegetables: Insert (Part 4) (master take)0:37
27.Vegetables: Crunching Session (hidden track)1:02
28.Workshop Session (hidden track)1:40

Disk #4

1.Vegetables: Fade 4/12/675:27
2.Vegetables: Ballad Insert 4/14/671:02
3.Holidays 9/8/667:33
4.Wind Chimes (version 1) 8/3/666:40
5.Wind Chimes (version 2)5:00
6.Wind Chimes (version 2 tag)2:51
7.The Elements: Fire 11/28/668:22
8.Da Da (Taped Piano Strings)0:56
9.Da Da (Fender Rhodes)1:25
10.Love to Say Dada: Part 1 5/16/671:22
11.Love to Say Dada: Part 2 5/17/671:57
12.Love to Say Dada: Part 2 (master take) 5/17/671:20
13.Love to Say Dada: Part 2 (second day) 5/18/671:58
14.Cool, Cool Water (version 1) 6/7/672:21
15.Cool, Cool Water (version 2) 10/26/67 & 10/29/673:35
16.You're Welcome 12/15/666:41
17.You're With Me Tonight 6/6-6/7/672:46
18.Tune X (Carl Wilson) 3/3/67-3/31/672:18
19.I Don't Know (Dennis Wilson) 1/12/673:02
20.Three Blind Mice 10/15/652:11
21.Teeter Totter Love (Jasper Dailey) 1/25/67 & 2/9/671:49
22.Psycodelic Sounds: Underwater Chant 11/4/661:45
23.Hal Blaine Vega-Tables Promo Session 11/11/661:28
24.Heroes and Villains: Early Version Outtake Sections 1/67-2/675:04
25.The Elements: Fire (Mrs. O'Leary's Cow) (Burning Wood Session) (hidden track)0:45

Disk #5

1.Good Vibrations: Gold Star 2/18/66 (the Pet Sounds session)7:27
2.Good Vibrations: Gold Star 4/9/666:57
3.Good Vibrations: Western 5/4/66 (first chorus)2:24
4.Good Vibrations: Western 5/4/66 (second chorus & fade)3:28
5.Good Vibrations: Sunset Sound 5/24/66 (part 1)1:20
6.Good Vibrations: Sunset Sound 5/24/66 (parts 2 & 3)1:45
7.Good Vibrations: Sunset Sound 5/24/66 (part 4)0:47
8.Good Vibrations: Western 5/27/66 (part C)3:32
9.Good Vibrations: Western 5/27/66 (chorus)3:04
10.Good Vibrations: Western 5/27/66 (fade sequence)1:55
11.Good Vibrations (Inspiration): Western 6/2/66 (part 1)2:25
12.Good Vibrations (Inspiration): Western 6/2/66 (part 3)0:57
13.Good Vibrations (Inspiration): Western 6/2/66 (part 4)0:49
14.Good Vibrations: Western 6/16/66 (part 1)6:24
15.Good Vibrations: Western 6/16/66 (part 2 & verse)1:06
16.Good Vibrations: Western 6/16/66 (part 2 continued)5:54
17.Good Vibrations: Western 6/18/66 (part 1)1:09
18.Good Vibrations: Western 6/18/66 (part 2)5:02
19.Good Vibrations (Persuasion): Western 9/1/661:48
20.Good Vibrations: Western 9/1/66 (new bridge)3:39
21.Good Vibrations: Session Masters6:14
22.Good Vibrations: Single Version Stereo Track3:56
23.Good Good Good Vibrations (first version with overdubs) 3/663:43
24.Good Vibrations: Alternate Edit 8/24/663:35
25.Good Vibrations: Tape Rewind (hidden track)0:27