The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 22 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 22by Various Artists

  • 78 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:05:21


Disk #1

1.White Rose Bounce (Garner)by Erroll Garner2:59
2.Twistin´ The Cat´S Tail (Garner)by Erroll Garner2:54
3.Movin´ Around (Garner)by Erroll Garner3:07
4.Night And Day (Porter)by Erroll Garner3:17
5.Sweet Lorraine (Burwell - Parish)by Erroll Garner3:10
6.Yesterdays (Harbach -Kern)by Erroll Garner2:59
7.Loot To Boot (Garner)by Erroll Garner3:06
8.Gaslight (Garner)by Erroll Garner3:14
9.Stardust (Carmichael)by Erroll Garner2:45
10.Laura (Raskin)by Erroll Garner2:55
11.Frantonality (Garner)by Erroll Garner2:45
12.Pastel (Garner)by Erroll Garner2:55
13.Trio (Garner)by Erroll Garner3:04
14.Frankie And Johnny Fantasy (Garner)by Erroll Garner2:54
15.Play Piano Play (Garner)by Erroll Garner3:11

Disk #2

1.Hop, Skip And Jumpby Slam Stewart2:33
2.Sherry Lynn Flipby Slam Stewart3:00
3.Three Blind Micesby Slam Stewart2:41
4.Blue, Brown And Beigeby Slam Stewart2:56
5.Play Fiddle Playby Slam Stewart2:55
6.Dark-Eyesby Slam Stewart3:00
7.Laff Slam Slam (Laff Slam Laff)by Slam Stewart3:00
8.Jumpin' At The Deucesby Slam Stewart2:54
9.Haw Hawby Slam Stewart2:49
10.Dozin'by Slam Stewart2:35
11.Talkin' Backby Slam Stewart2:55
12.One That Got Awayby Slam Stewart3:08
13.Honeysuckle Roseby Slam Stewart3:05
14.Mood To Be Stewedby Slam Stewart2:57
15.Voice Of The Turtleby Slam Stewart3:00
16.Slammin' The Gateby Slam Stewart2:52
17.Jingle Bellsby Slam Stewart3:01
18.On The Upside Looking Downby Slam Stewart3:12
19.Time On My Handsby Slam Stewart3:02
20.Bell For Norvoby Slam Stewart2:43
21.Oh Me, Oh My, Oh Goshby Slam Stewart3:02
22.Doctor Fooby Slam Stewart3:00
23.Blues Collinsby Slam Stewart3:00
24.Coppin' Outby Slam Stewart2:54

Disk #3

1.Dell'S Bellsby Wardell Gray2:57
2.One For Prezby Wardell Gray3:10
3.The Man I Loveby Wardell Gray3:19
4.Easy Swingby Wardell Gray3:03
5.The Great Lie (Part 1& 2)by Wardell Gray4:41
6.Blue Louby Wardell Gray5:44
7.She'S Got The Blues For Saleby Wardell Gray3:02
8.The Chaseby Wardell Gray6:48
9.How High The Moonby Wardell Gray6:11
10.C Jam Bluesby Wardell Gray3:50
11.Mary'S Ideaby Wardell Gray3:13
12.Bye Bye Blues Bopby Wardell Gray3:49
13.Stealin' Applesby Wardell Gray3:09
14.Lady Birdby Wardell Gray2:52
15.Symphonetteby Wardell Gray3:06
16.Shawnby Wardell Gray2:35
17.The Hucklebuckby Wardell Gray3:25
18.It'S The Talk Of The Townby Wardell Gray3:08
19.Bedlamby Wardell Gray3:06
20.In The Land Of Oo-Bla-Deeby Wardell Gray3:20

Disk #4

1.Vout Rhythmby Lucky Thompson2:53
2.Stormy Moodby Lucky Thompson3:04
3.Bee Boogie Booby Lucky Thompson2:48
4.Irresistable Youby Lucky Thompson3:23
5.Phaceby Lucky Thompson2:46
6.The Hour Of Partingby Lucky Thompson3:00
7.Abernathy'S Boogieby Lucky Thompson2:54
8.Cherokeeby Lucky Thompson2:43
9.Slowin' Down The Bluesby Lucky Thompson2:40
10.Snowboundby Lucky Thompson2:57
11.Flight Of The Vout Bugby Lucky Thompson3:10
12.It Shouldn't Happen To A Dreamby Lucky Thompson2:57
13.For Youby Lucky Thompson3:05
14.Things Ain't What They Used To Beby Lucky Thompson2:47
15.Jeep'S Bluesby Lucky Thompson3:01
16.Day Dreamby Lucky Thompson2:54
17.Take The 'A' Trainby Lucky Thompson2:36
18.Hickory Dickory Dockby Lucky Thompson2:43
19.Blue Rhythm Be-Bopby Lucky Thompson3:03

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