The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 28 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 28by Various Artists

  • 71 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:01:44


Disk #1

1.Teapotby Jay Jay Johnson3:04
2.Afternoon In Parisby Jay Jay Johnson3:03
3.Eloraby Jay Jay Johnson3:10
4.Blue Mode (1)by Jay Jay Johnson3:45
5.Blue Mode (2)by Jay Jay Johnson2:51
6.Capriby Jay Jay Johnson3:38
7.Lover Manby Jay Jay Johnson3:52
8.Turnpikeby Jay Jay Johnson4:17
9.Sketchby Jay Jay Johnson4:23
10.It Could Happen To Youby Jay Jay Johnson4:44
11.Get Happyby Jay Jay Johnson4:49
12.Capri (2)by Jay Jay Johnson3:49
13.Turnpike (2)by Jay Jay Johnson4:12
14.Get Happy (2)by Jay Jay Johnson4:10

Disk #2

1.It May Be Wrongby Gerry Mulligan3:27
2.So Whatby Gerry Mulligan2:46
3.Westwood Walkby Gerry Mulligan2:36
4.Flashby Gerry Mulligan3:04
5.A Balladby Gerry Mulligan2:54
6.Ontetby Gerry Mulligan3:15
7.Half Nelsonby Gerry Mulligan3:03
8.Walkin' Shoesby Gerry Mulligan3:38
9.Simbahby Gerry Mulligan2:58
10.Speak Lowby Gerry Mulligan2:09
11.Taking A Chance On Loveby Gerry Mulligan2:51
12.Varsity Dragby Gerry Mulligan2:25
13.Lady Birdby Gerry Mulligan4:27
14.Love Me Or Leave Meby Gerry Mulligan3:16
15.Swing Houseby Gerry Mulligan3:26
16.Rockerby Gerry Mulligan2:26

Disk #3

1.Scoopsby Sonny Rollins2:15
2.With A Song In My Heartby Sonny Rollins3:08
3.Newk'S Fadeawayby Sonny Rollins3:13
4.Time On My Handsby Sonny Rollins2:42
5.This Love Of Mineby Sonny Rollins2:25
6.Shadrackby Sonny Rollins2:34
7.On A Slow Boat To Chinaby Sonny Rollins2:40
8.Mambo Bounceby Sonny Rollins2:23
9.I Knowby Sonny Rollins2:33
10.Digby Sonny Rollins7:35
11.It'S Only A Papermoonby Sonny Rollins5:25
12.Denialby Sonny Rollins5:40
13.Out Of The Blueby Sonny Rollins6:16
14.Almost Like Being In Loveby Sonny Rollins3:25
15.In A Sentimental Moodby Sonny Rollins3:20
16.No Moeby Sonny Rollins3:31
17.The Stopperby Sonny Rollins2:58
18.Friday The 13Thby Sonny Rollins10:33

Disk #4

1.Cross Fireby Paul Quinichette2:35
2.Sandstoneby Paul Quinichette2:51
3.Prevueby Paul Quinichette2:57
4.No Timeby Paul Quinichette2:21
5.Shad Roeby Paul Quinichette2:34
6.Paul'S Bunionby Paul Quinichette3:01
7.Crew Cutby Paul Quinichette2:38
8.The Hookby Paul Quinichette3:13
9.Samieby Paul Quinichette3:11
10.I'Ll Always Be In Love With Youby Paul Quinichette2:59
11.Sequelby Paul Quinichette2:58
12.Bustin' Sudsby Paul Quinichette3:05
13.Let'S Make Itby Paul Quinichette3:01
14.P.Q. Bluesby Paul Quinichette3:03
15.Bot Botby Paul Quinichette2:54
16.Green's Bluesby Paul Quinichette3:08
17.You Belong To Meby Paul Quinichette2:59
18.Birdland Jumpby Paul Quinichette2:43
19.Seepy Time Galby Paul Quinichette2:36
20.Galoshes And Rubbersby Paul Quinichette2:58
21.People Will Say We'Re In Loveby Paul Quinichette3:10
22.Rose Of Bidlandby Paul Quinichette2:49
23.No Parkingby Paul Quinichette2:56