The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 7 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 7by Various Artists

  • 76 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:54:27


Disk #1

1.At The Jazz Band Ballby Muggsy Spanier2:53
2.Sister Kateby Muggsy Spanier2:58
3.Dippermouth Bluesby Muggsy Spanier2:29
4.Riverboat Shuffleby Muggsy Spanier2:48
5.Relaxin' At The Touroby Muggsy Spanier3:15
6.At Sundownby Muggsy Spanier2:36
7.Bluin' The Bluesby Muggsy Spanier2:42
8.Lonesome Roadby Muggsy Spanier3:01
9.Sweet Lorraineby Muggsy Spanier4:23
10.Four Or Five Timesby Muggsy Spanier4:13
11.That'S A Plentyby Muggsy Spanier4:20
12.Sweet Sue, Just Youby Muggsy Spanier4:07
13.Oh! Lady Be Goodby Muggsy Spanier3:27
14.Memphis Bluesby Muggsy Spanier4:17
15.Whistlin' The Bluesby Muggsy Spanier3:07

Disk #2

1.Sensationby Bud Freeman2:51
2.Fidgety Feetby Bud Freeman2:53
3.Tia Juanaby Bud Freeman2:41
4.Copenhagenby Bud Freeman2:47
5.I'Ve Found A New Babyby Bud Freeman2:42
6.Easy To Getby Bud Freeman2:46
7.China Boyby Bud Freeman2:40
8.The Eelby Bud Freeman2:43
9.Oh! Babyby Bud Freeman2:59
10.I Need Some Pettin'by Bud Freeman2:42
11.Susieby Bud Freeman3:01
12.Big Boyby Bud Freeman2:46
13.As Long As I Liveby Bud Freeman2:31
14.The Sail Fishby Bud Freeman2:36
15.Sundayby Bud Freeman3:01
16.Satanic Bluesby Bud Freeman3:17
17.Jack Hits The Roadby Bud Freeman2:59
18.Forty Seven And Stateby Bud Freeman2:54
19.Muskrat Rambleby Bud Freeman2:52
20.That Da-Da Strainby Bud Freeman2:41
21.Shim-Me-Sha-Wabbleby Bud Freeman2:53
22.At The Jazz Band Ballby Bud Freeman2:53
23.Prince Of Wailsby Bud Freeman2:29
24.After Awhileby Bud Freeman3:03
25.Love Is Just Around The Cornerby Bud Freeman4:45

Disk #3

1.There'Ll Be Some Changes Madeby Eddie Condon2:44
2.Nobody'S Sweetheartby Eddie Condon3:22
3.Friar'S Point Shuffleby Eddie Condon3:03
4.Someday, Sweetheartby Eddie Condon3:09
5.When Your Lover Has Goneby Eddie Condon3:27
6.Wherever There'S Loveby Eddie Condon3:03
7.Impromptu Ensamble No. 1by Eddie Condon3:08
8.'Swonderfulby Eddie Condon2:44
9.Someone To Watch Over Meby Eddie Condon3:08
10.The Sheik Of Arabyby Eddie Condon3:03
11.The Man I Loveby Eddie Condon3:15
12.Somebody Loves Meby Eddie Condon2:39
13.I'Ll Build A Starway To Paradiseby Eddie Condon2:49
14.My One And Onlyby Eddie Condon3:21
15.Oh, Lady Be Goodby Eddie Condon2:33
16.Swaneeby Eddie Condon2:35
17.Farewell Bluesby Eddie Condon2:56
18.Improvisation For The March Of Timeby Eddie Condon3:06
19.(I'Ve Got A Woman, Crazy For Me) She'S Funny That Wayby Eddie Condon3:10
20.Stars Fell On Alabamaby Eddie Condon3:05

Disk #4

1.I'Ve Found A New Babyby George Wettling2:59
2.Bugle Call Ragby George Wettling3:03
3.I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kateby George Wettling3:03
4.The Darktown Strutter'S Ballby George Wettling3:05
5.Some Of These Daysby George Wettling2:33
6.Everybody Loves My Babyby George Wettling2:53
7.China Boyby George Wettling3:21
8.That'S A Plentyby George Wettling2:22
9.Heebie Jeebiesby George Wettling2:59
10.Struttin' With Some Barbecueby George Wettling3:07
11.How Come You Do Me Like You Doby George Wettling3:02
12.Blues For Stuby George Wettling3:24
13.Homeby George Wettling3:33
14.Too Marvelous For Wordsby George Wettling4:03
15.You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Meby George Wettling3:53
16.Somebody Loves Meby George Wettling3:46