The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 14 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 14by Various Artists

  • 82 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:01:11


Disk #1

1.The Jive Bluesby Memphis Slim2:48
2.Diggin' My Potatoes N°2by Memphis Slim2:52
3.Last Pair Of Shoes Bluesby Memphis Slim2:59
4.Miss Ora Lee Bluesby Memphis Slim3:01
5.Blue Evening Bluesby Memphis Slim2:48
6.Blues At Midnightby Memphis Slim2:43
7.Beer Drinking Womanby Memphis Slim3:21
8.You Didn't Mean Me Noby Memphis Slim2:57
9.Grinder Man Bluesby Memphis Slim3:10
10.Empty Room Bluesby Memphis Slim2:54
11.Shelby County Bluesby Memphis Slim2:57
12.I See My Great Mistakeby Memphis Slim3:01
13.Old Taylorby Memphis Slim2:46
14.I Believe I'Ll Settle Downby Memphis Slim3:08
15.Jasper' Galby Memphis Slim2:54
16.You Got To Help Me Someby Memphis Slim2:59
17.Two Of A Kindby Memphis Slim3:00
18.Whiskey Store Bluesby Memphis Slim2:57
19.Maybe I'Ll Loan A Dimeby Memphis Slim2:50
20.Me, Myself, And Iby Memphis Slim2:50
21.You Gonna Worry Tooby Memphis Slim2:50
22.This Life I'M Livingby Memphis Slim2:52
23.Caught The Old Coon Last Nightby Memphis Slim3:02
24.Lend Me Your Loveby Memphis Slim3:13

Disk #2

1.Country Bluesby Muddy Waters3:24
2.I Be'S Troubledby Muddy Waters3:05
3.Burr Clover Farm Bluesby Muddy Waters2:55
4.Take A Walk With Meby Muddy Waters3:01
5.Burr Clover Bluesby Muddy Waters3:11
6.Walkin' Bluesby Muddy Waters2:57
7.Can't Be Satisfiedby Muddy Waters2:43
8.Gypsy Womanby Muddy Waters2:34
9.Mean Red Spiderby Muddy Waters2:17
10.I Feel Like Going Homeby Muddy Waters3:10
11.Little Anna Maeby Muddy Waters2:33
12.Train Fare Home Bluesby Muddy Waters2:47
13.Little Genevaby Muddy Waters2:48
14.Rollin' And Tumblin'by Muddy Waters3:00
15.Steeamlineby Muddy Waters3:15
16.Rolling Stoneby Muddy Waters3:08
17.You Gonna Miss Meby Muddy Waters2:35

Disk #3

1.Black Pony Bluesby Big Boy Crudup3:21
2.Death Valley Bluesby Big Boy Crudup3:15
3.If I Get Luckyby Big Boy Crudup3:04
4.Kind Lover Bluesby Big Boy Crudup3:08
5.Standing At My Windowby Big Boy Crudup2:47
6.Mean Old 'Frisco Bluesby Big Boy Crudup2:37
7.Gonna Follow My Babyby Big Boy Crudup2:50
8.Give Me A 32-20by Big Boy Crudup2:51
9.My Mama Don't Allow Meby Big Boy Crudup3:07
10.Raised To My Handby Big Boy Crudup3:07
11.Who'S Been Foolin' Youby Big Boy Crudup3:15
12.Cool Dispositionby Big Boy Crudup3:08
13.Rock Me Mamaby Big Boy Crudup2:57
14.Keep Your Arms Around Meby Big Boy Crudup2:31
15.I'M In The Moodby Big Boy Crudup3:01
16.That'S Your Red Wagonby Big Boy Crudup3:13
17.Dirt Road Bluesby Big Boy Crudup3:05
18.She'S Goneby Big Boy Crudup2:59
19.Boy Friend Bluesby Big Boy Crudup2:59
20.No More Loversby Big Boy Crudup2:44

Disk #4

1.Nobody In My Mindby Big Joe Turner2:55
2.Somebody Got To Goby Big Joe Turner2:55
3.Ice Manby Big Joe Turner2:55
4.Chewed Up Grassby Big Joe Turner2:34
5.Rocks In My Bedby Big Joe Turner3:14
6.Blues On Central Avenueby Big Joe Turner2:38
7.Goin' To Chicago Bluesby Big Joe Turner3:00
8.Sun Risin' Bluesby Big Joe Turner2:49
9.Blues In The Nightby Big Joe Turner2:28
10.Cry Baby Bluesby Big Joe Turner2:52
11.It'S The Same Old Storyby Big Joe Turner2:57
12.Rebeccaby Big Joe Turner2:42
13.Little Gal'S Bluesby Big Joe Turner3:21
14.I Got A Gal (For Every Day In The Week)by Big Joe Turner3:02
15.S. K. Blues Part 1by Big Joe Turner3:01
16.S. K. Blues Part 2by Big Joe Turner2:57
17.Johnson And Turner Bluesby Big Joe Turner3:01
18.Watch That Jiveby Big Joe Turner2:58
19.Howlin' Windsby Big Joe Turner2:52
20.Doggin' The Blues (Low Dog Blues)by Big Joe Turner3:05
21.I Got My Discharge Papersby Big Joe Turner2:41

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