This Is All Yours mp3 Album by Alt-J

This Is All Yoursby Alt-J

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:04:33


2.Arrival in Nara4:13
4.Every Other Freckle3:36
5.Left Hand Free2:54
6.Garden of England – Interlude1:08
7.Choice Kingdom4:17
8.Hunger of the Pine5:00
9.Warm Foothills3:45
10.The Gospel of John Hurt5:16
12.Bloodflood, Part II5:19
13.Leaving Nara16:02
Emily Mai
Another captivating album by one of the most relevant and new wave alternative bands of this decade.This album is similar to their first in that their unique sound can be transformed to fit any lyrics. Even without the guitarist from the first album alt j succeed in creating an easy to listen to album that will take you on an audio journey. I recommend Every Other Freckle and Pusher.Its a definite download.