Thunderdome: Breaking Barriers mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Thunderdome: Breaking Barriersby Various Artists

  • 46 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:34:52


Disk #1

1.Breaking Barriers (intro)by Justice0:51
2.Valhallaby SPL & Triage3:39
3.Black Widdowby Day-Már2:59
4.Pain Tripperby Tymon2:30
5.Spinnekopby Day-Már3:37
6.Hypnotize the Weakby Negative A & Counterfeit3:00
7.Ambushby Tymon3:16
8.Gamma Releaseby Meccano Twins3:18
9.In the Shadowby Tommyknocker3:09
10.Live 4by DJ D3:53
11.Detonateby AniMe3:10
12.Poopby Ruffneck & Nosferatu3:32
13.Make You Danceby Bodylotion3:57
14.The Industryby Endymion & Meccano Twins3:47
15.Searching for Tomorrowby D-Passion3:35
16.Simbiosis (DJ Obscurity remix)by DJ Sim3:18
17.Keep Goingby Kasparov3:35
18.Return of the Lofi Death Crewby N-Vitral4:06
19.I'mby Negative-A4:08
20.Repartition (vs. Predator)by Catscan4:06
21.Elegy (Noting Can Last Forever)by Ruffneck & Ophidian3:43
22.The Pearly Gatesby Dyprax & Angerfist3:42
23.Live and Loud (feat. MC Alee & Miss Twilight)by Neophyte2:25

Disk #2

1.Carefull With That Axeby Counterstrike2:58
2.No Heroes (vs. Rayden)by Nitrogenetics4:00
3.Danceby The Wishmaster3:23
4.Fucked Upby Noize Suppressor3:35
5.Chasing Paymentsby Counterfeit2:58
6.Unafraidby Promo2:57
7.Channel Zeroby Broken Note3:15
8.Fiendby Donny2:58
9.Drum & Bass Terrorby Drokz3:30
10.Larum (feat. Triamer)by Gancher & Ruin3:11
11.Ritual Killingby Negative A & Counterfeit4:01
12.Abandonby Ophidian4:12
13.Electro Shocking (Dyprax remix)by DJ Outblast & DJ D3:51
14.10 Years of Influenceby The DJ Producer & Deathmachine4:01
15.Vows of Doubtby Synapse & Ruffneck4:34
16.Industrial Cooking Sprayby The Outside Agency & Tapage3:29
17.Shut Up and Die (Angerfist remix)by Hellsystem3:48
18.Breaking Barriers (feat. MC Justice)by Negative-A3:01
19.Big Noiseby Radium2:29
20.Fuckin' Hostileby Lenny Dee2:12
21.Putneyby Outblast & Catscan3:04
22.Lekker Belangrijk (feat. MC Justice & Da Mouth of Madness)by J-Roon & Kosmix2:18
23.Bust That Assby Drokz3:51

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