Trance 100: Best of 2009 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Trance 100: Best of 2009by Various Artists

  • 100 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:10:36


Disk #1

1.This Moment (Prog mix) (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn)by Nic Chagall4:25
2.Addicted (original mix)by Signum3:25
3.Hooked on Infinity (Hard Rock Sofa remix)by Kyau & Albert2:25
4.Brace Yourself (extended mix)by Jochen Miller2:14
5.I Remember Now (Sied Van Riel remix)by Sean Tyas2:10
6.Symfo (Sunrise Festival Theme 2009) (original mix)by Rank 13:53
7.Metropolis (original mix)by Gareth Emery3:23
8.Seven Weeks (original mix)by Sean Tyas3:48
9.Khepera (Leon Bolier remix)by Aly & Fila4:01
10.Bastillon (original mix)by Sander van Doorn3:11
11.You Walk Away (original mix) (feat. Audrey Gallagher)by tyDi2:52
12.From My Heart (original mix)by Marcus Schössow2:59
13.Sunset Boulevard (original mix) (feat. Ana Criado)by Alex M.O.R.P.H.4:00
14.The Deep Devine (Gareth Emery remix) (feat. Ana)by Ronski Speed3:24
15.Bloodtrain (original mix)by Ørjan Nilsen3:16
16.Unwritten (original mix)by 8 Wonders3:32
17.Timewave Zero (original mix)by Ummet Ozcan2:46
18.Always (original mix)by Simon Patterson2:45
19.Sand Dunes (Daniel Kandi club mix)by A.M.R.2:58
20.Look Ahead (original mix)by Thomas Bronzwaer2:03
21.Monsun (original mix)by 3rd Moon2:31
22.L'Acrobat (original mix) (and Static Blue)by Ferry Tayle2:17
23.Beside You (original mix) (feat. Rebecca Emily)by Sophie Sugar2:31
24.Istanbul (original mix)by Paul Webster2:24
25.Certitude (original mix)by Thomas Bronzwaer5:09

Disk #2

1.No End (Relocate main dub) (feat. Cathy Burton)by Julian Vincent4:12
2.Moving Mojaveby Ørjan Nilsen1:57
3.Republique (M.I.K.E.'s Electra City remix)by Ruben de Ronde3:54
4.Shine on Me (vs. Saint Rush)by Zirenz3:10
5.Nothing at All (feat. Susana)by Rex Mundi2:26
6.Break Away (Martin Roth Nustyle remix)by Andrew Bannet2:54
7.Because of You (Pulser remix) (feat. Antonia Lucas)by David Forbes2:54
8.Somehow (and Dennis Sheperd feat. Marcie)by tyDi2:10
9.What Say? (and Marco V)by Sander van Doorn2:53
10.Tuvanby Gaia3:43
11.Inside of You (Cosmic Gate remix) (and Ronnie Play feat. Gabriel Cage)by Fabio XB2:45
12.To the Sky (club mix) (feat. Chris Jones)by Roger Shah4:04
13.This Place (George Acosta dub remix) (feat. Sir Adrian)by Push3:20
14.Copius Gain (Genix Re-Rub)by GNX3:05
15.Let It All Out (feat. Sarah Howells)by Lange3:04
16.Are You? (Sun Decade dub)by Ronski Speed2:21
17.Unforgivable (Stoneface & Terminal vocal mix) (feat. Jaren)by Armin van Buuren3:52
18.Dust in the Wind (Leon Bolier mix)by Arnej4:07
19.Man of the Run (original vocal mix) (with Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren)by Dash Berlin3:04
20.Roundabout (Simon Patterson remix)by Sam Sharp3:45
21.Sudden Changesby Phillip Alpha3:13
22.Origin (Tech mix) (and Willem van Hanegem)by M62:49
23.Love Always Fades (Michael de Kooker remix) (feat. Cat Martin)by Dave Graham2:50
24.For the Most Part (Marcus Schossow remix) (and Sean Tyas)by Simon Patterson2:51
25.Mainstageby W&W2:30

Disk #3

1.Faces (and Ashley Wallbridge feat. Meighan Nealon)by Andy Moor3:28
2.Bliksem (presents Purple Haze)by Sander van Doorn2:45
3.Chinookby Dakota2:41
4.Change Your Mind (feat. Kyler England)by Sunlounger3:24
5.Do You Dreamby Markus Schulz3:38
6.Key of Life (Marlo remix) (feat. Nurlaila)by Ohmna2:28
7.Gone Southby Cliff Coenraad3:08
8.Year After (feat. Meighan Nealon)by Chephren Blake3:22
9.Come Around Again (Signum 09 remake) (feat. Anita Kelsey)by Signum3:21
10.Sunrise at Palamos 2009 (Gareth Emery remix)by M.I.K.E.2:38
11.Stadium Four (and Andy Moor)by Lange4:03
12.Santiago (2AM mix)by Stoneface & Terminal3:34
13.A Thousand Miles (Gareth Emery edit) (and Jonas Stenberg)by Terry Ferminal2:08
14.Banderaby Virunga2:50
15.Synergy (vs. W&W)by Ummet Ozcan2:21
16.Terminal 69 (and Willem van Hanegem)by Mark Sixma3:20
17.Black Sun (Ronski Speed remix)by Dennis Sheperd3:30
18.Shapeshifter (Riot mix) (and Detune)by Thr3shold2:51
19.Circles (Andy Blueman remix)by Robert Nickson4:03
20.Everlastingby Andy Blueman3:27
21.Aztecby Neptune Project4:07
22.American Blues (DJ Eco & Martin Roth edit)by DJ Eco2:17
23.Interference (Sean Tyas remix)by Push1:24
24.Dawn of the Uprising (Denga vs. Manus mix)by Vengeance2:59
25.Sivanby Michael Tsukerman3:38

Disk #4

1.Eilatby Blake Jarrell2:57
2.Revolutionby Rowald Steyn4:17
3.Strangers We've Become (vocal mix) (feat. Josie)by Arnej3:11
4.Noir [Jonas Stenberg & Willem Van Hanegem remix]by Ruben de Ronde3:25
5.Losing Gravity (Martin Roth Nustyle mix) (and Bartlett Bros.)by Martin Roth2:40
6.Last Light Tonight (and Leon Bolier)by Menno de Jong2:54
7.Burning From the Inside (Tenishia's Burning dub) (feat. Tiff Lacey)by Tenishia2:24
8.Exposureby Gareth Emery3:51
9.Surreal (feat. Jaren)by John O'Callaghan1:53
10.Sweet Sammy Janeby Mike Foyle3:24
11.Starstruck (Jochen Miller remix)by Be:Gold2:20
12.Opus Sectrumby M63:26
13.Biscayne (Lemon & Einar K remix)by Elevation2:05
14.The Wolfby Paul Webster3:00
15.Melbourneby Sean Tyas2:59
16.Explain (Denga vs. Manus mix)by Vengeance2:17
17.Onyric (Stoneface & Terminal remix)by Cressida2:58
18.Freefalling (feat. Audrey Gallagher)by Claudia Cazacu4:07
19.Flavour Parkby Akesson3:41
20.Lost Angeles (Breakfast remix)by DJ Eco2:24
21.The Vault (and Bissen)by Chris Hampshire2:38
22.Unexpectation (Denga vs. Manus mix)by Vengeance2:31
23.Light to Lies (Giuseppe Ottaviani mix) (and Andrea Mazza)by Fabio XB3:12
24.Life (Sean Tyas remix)by Ben Gold4:07
25.Never Fade Away (feat. Lo-Fi Sugar)by John O'Callaghan4:15