Transformers: Age Of Extinction mp3 Soundtrack by Steve Jablonsky

Transformers: Age Of Extinctionby Steve Jablonsky

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:17:51


1.Decisionby Steve Jablonsky4:21
2.Best Thing That Ever Happenedby Steve Jablonsky2:07
3.I'm an Autobotby Steve Jablonsky5:06
4.Optimus Is Aliveby Steve Jablonsky2:18
5.Cemetery Windby Steve Jablonsky5:54
6.His Name Is Shane and He Drivesby Steve Jablonsky5:18
7.Hacking the Droneby Steve Jablonsky2:05
8.Transformiumby Steve Jablonsky3:24
9.Galvatron Is Onlineby Steve Jablonsky1:57
10.Your Creators Want You Backby Steve Jablonsky3:27
11.The Final Knightby Steve Jablonsky4:08
12.Punch Hold Slide Repeatby Steve Jablonsky2:12
13.The Presence of Megatronby Steve Jablonsky2:51
14.Galvatron Is Activeby Steve Jablonsky4:14
15.Have Faith Primeby Steve Jablonsky1:29
16.Hong Kong Chaseby Steve Jablonsky1:43
17.The Legend Existsby Steve Jablonsky1:16
18.Dinobot Chargeby Steve Jablonsky6:37
19.That's a Big Magnetby Steve Jablonsky2:51
20.Drive Backwardsby Steve Jablonsky2:05
21.Honor to the Endby Steve Jablonsky5:19
22.Leave Planet Earth Aloneby Steve Jablonsky3:48
23.The Knight Shipby Steve Jablonsky3:21