Trilogy mp3 Artist Compilation by The Weeknd

Trilogyby The Weeknd

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:40:09


Disk #1

1.High for This4:07
2.What You Need3:16
3.House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls6:47
4.The Morning5:16
5.Wicked Games5:25
6.The Party & The After Party7:39
7.Coming Down4:55
8.Loft Music6:04
9.The Knowing5:49
10.Twenty Eight4:18

Disk #2

1.Lonely Star5:49
2.The Life of the Party4:57
4.The Zone (feat. Drake)6:59
5.The Birds Part 13:34
6.The Birds Part 25:51
8.Rolling Stone3:51
9.Heaven or Las Vegas6:00

Disk #3

4.XO / The Host7:24
6.Same Old Song5:12
7.The Fall5:45
9.Echoes of Silence4:09
10.Til Dawn (Here Comes the Sun)5:20
I like this artist's voice; men who sing in a falsetto-style voice is very appealing, but nevertheless, back to the review of all 3 of The Weekend's LPs. This brother has a The Dream, Neo-Soul, Jazz vibe to his voice and it's so easy to pop in this CD and listen to it while you're in traffic or just chillin' around the house to put you in a good mood. Wicked Games is definitely a stand-out track that I happened to stumble across in a mixtape and grabbed it my attention immediately, while not riding the Pop-Electro-Dance train is such a relief from what is on the music market today and worth every dollar that you would spend on this classy work of art.