Truck Turner mp3 Soundtrack by Isaac Hayes

Truck Turnerby Isaac Hayes

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:12:09


Disk #1

1.Main Title "Truck Turner"by Isaac Hayes2:48
2.House of Beautyby Isaac Hayes3:10
3.Blue's Cribby Isaac Hayes5:19
4.Driving in the Sunby Isaac Hayes6:05
5.Breakthroughby Isaac Hayes3:11
6.Now We're Goneby Isaac Hayes2:28
7.The Dukeby Isaac Hayes2:37
8.Dorinda's Partyby Isaac Hayes4:41

Disk #2

1.Pursuit of the Pimpmobileby Isaac Hayes9:08
2.We Need Each Other, Girlby Isaac Hayes3:27
3.A House Full of Girlsby Isaac Hayes4:01
4.Hospital Shootoutby Isaac Hayes2:57
5.You're in My Arms Againby Isaac Hayes4:54
6.Give It to Meby Isaac Hayes4:42
7.Drinkingby Isaac Hayes3:37
8.The Insurance Companyby Isaac Hayes7:00
9.End Themeby Isaac Hayes2:04