True mp3 Album by Avicii
  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 46:58


1.Wake Me Up4:07
2.You Make Me3:53
3.Hey Brother4:15
4.Addicted to You2:28
5.Dear Boy7:59
6.Liar Liar3:59
7.Shame on Me4:13
8.Lay Me Down5:00
9.Hope There's Someone6:21
10.Heart Upon My Sleeve4:43
Avicii. Pioneer of the electronic dance music genre, who single-handily brought myself into what is now know as just EDM. Avicii is full of talent, with the hit single, 'Levels', he is ready to debut his first album. And boy is it a good one! With songs such as 'Wake Me Up' and 'Hey Brother', it's not wonder he rose to fame so quickly. 'Wake Me Up' is a excellent song with a summer feel to it, and 'Hey Brother' is full of that brotherly love that most can relate to. And then there are other songs, such as 'Addicted To You' and 'You Make Me', which add to the emotional side of the album, almost as if Avicii wrote the album with a story in mind. Or Stories? Truly, this album is a perfect sample of the man that started it all. This album was built for anyone with a love for EDM or just a fan of Avicii.
Overall this is a pretty good album. I would have to agree that there are about 4 or 5 songs that you can listen to over and over again on the album which is not bad for most albums released nowadays. It is kind of a different mix between acoustic guitars and club like electronic music mixed in but still makes it fun. Definitely worth a listen to at the very least.
Really great album! I like about half of the songs which to be honest…Is about 4 more songs then most albums I have bought. You usually get the 2-3 radio hits and a bonus song you like. I highly recommend you take a listen to this cd! Especially for the price on this website…Which you can't beat!
John C
This is one of my favorite albums ever!!!! His electronically sounding voice makes all of his music really fun to listen to, and he also has a mixture of dance in there so you can listen to this album for a wide range of reasons. You would think that he's like other electronic artists but he creates a new form of music with a mixture of dance, pop, electronic, and country. His music can be compared to people like Ellie Goulding or even Skrillex but many people, including me, agree that his music is a magical blend of those 2 with a touch of Rihanna and even 3oh!3. He is a mixture of all of these, even better, because he can be listened to all people, young to old, and in practically any situation like a car, party, listening alone. I usually listen to this electronic masterpiece in the car with the windows rolled down all the way and this album blasting very very loudly. My friends also like it because pretty much everybody, and every kind of person, likes this kind of music. This album is not like the rival albums because it is not just one genre of music, it is a mixture of all the kinds of music that there are. That is why he will probably earn himself a Grammy for this album since it is a mixture of every genre and an incredible piece of work. So he might win several Grammys since it can be counted as a competitor in every genre.