[untitled] mp3 Album by Korn
  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 51:40


2.Starting Over4:02
3.Bitch We Got A Problem3:23
5.Hold On3:06
7.Do What They Say4:17
8.Ever Be4:49
9.Love And Luxury3:01
10.Innocent Bystander3:28
13.I Will Protect You5:33
As a hardcore meaning longtime Korn fan that I am and have had almost every album as my favorite album at some point in time listening to them, however, I just couldn't get used to this album and just couldn't let it grow on me. I checked out the whole thing but find myself going back to other albums from them such as "Life Is Peachy" and "Issues" because the lyrics and sound match perfectly and are an amazing listen for me.The sound is beautiful on this one but the lyrics are just not something I would listen to..I love this band so much but I would chose any other album from Korn except this one. I like a few songs like "Killing", "Hold On" & "Starting Over", but sadly, that's about it. I know this was a hard time for Korn though losing Brian "head" Welch (Guitarist) & Drummer David Silveria so I can see how it wasn't all that great.
I have mixed feelings about this album. Sometimes I like it but sometimes I have to skip it and put on a different album.There are some songs on here that I do enjoy but this one is just different. I am a hige fan of Korn, but not of this album. I would say Untitled get's 2.5 stars from me