Who Are You mp3 Album by The Who

Who Are Youby The Who

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:11:01


1.New Song4:13
2.Had Enough4:31
4.Sister Disco4:22
5.Music Must Change4:38
6.Trick Of The Light4:48
7.Guitar And Pen5:59
8.Love Is Coming Down4:07
9.Who Are You6:22
10.No Road Romance (Previously Un5:05
11.Empty Glass (Previous Unreleas6:23
12.Guitar And Pen (Olympic '78 Mi6:02
13.Love Is Coming Down (Work-In-P4:06
14.Who Are You (Lost Verse Mix -6:22
Shawn Davis
Who Are You? This classic by The Who was the much anticipated follow up to “By The Numbers”, and didn't disappoint. It differed musically greatly, but is classic The Who to be sure. Pete Townshends new synthesizer features prominently and string sessions are evident as well, contrasting with the much simpler work of their previous album. Highlights are the unforgettable title track, and a personal favorite “Sister Disco”. Sadly, this was the last album legendary drummer Keith Moon was to play on, dying shortly after it's release in August of 1978. Four bonus tracks only increase the value of this must own classic. It is another must for anyone who loves classic rock, and the power found in the music of The Who. The only thing keeping it from the 5 star is I feel there is a bit too much synth, but in the long run WHO cares??