Wildflowers & All the Rest (Super Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by Tom Petty

Wildflowers & All the Rest (Super Deluxe Edition)by Tom Petty

  • 70 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:04:00


Disk #1

2.You Don't Know How It Feels4:48
3.Time to Move On3:15
4.You Wreck Me3:22
5.It's Good to Be King5:11
6.Only a Broken Heart4:31
7.Honey Bee4:58
8.Don't Fade on Me3:31
9.Hard on Me3:47
10.Cabin Down Below2:51
11.To Find a Friend3:23
12.A Higher Place3:55
13.House in the Woods5:30
14.Crawling Back to You5:04
15.Wake Up Time5:20

Disk #2

1.Something Could Happen4:35
2.Leave Virginia Alone4:15
3.Climb That Hill Blues2:33
4.Confusion Wheel4:19
6.Harry Green3:53
7.Hope You Never3:03
8.Somewhere Under Heaven4:38
9.Climb That Hill3:33
10.Hung Up and Overdue6:00

Disk #3

1.There Goes Angela (Dream Away)3:49
2.You Don't Know How It Feels4:41
4.A Feeling of Peace4:32
5.Leave Virginia Alone3:47
6.Crawling Back to You4:10
7.Don't Fade on Me3:28
8.Confusion Wheel4:18
9.A Higher Place3:16
10.There's a Break in the Rain (Have Love Will Travel)3:38
11.To Find a Friend3:27
12.Only a Broken Heart3:50
13.Wake Up Time5:40
14.Hung Up and Overdue2:48

Disk #4

1.You Don't Know How It Feels7:02
2.Honey Bee5:21
3.To Find a Friend3:55
5.Crawling Back to You5:07
6.Cabin Down Below2:52
7.Drivin' Down to Georgia6:23
8.House in the Woods5:37
9.Girl on LSD5:04
10.Time to Move On2:46
11.Wake Up Time5:33
12.It's Good to Be King11:38
13.You Wreck Me5:45

Disk #5

1.A Higher Place (Alternate Version)3:49
2.Hard on Me (Alternate Version)3:43
3.Cabin Down Below (Alternate Version)3:51
4.Crawling Back to You (Alternate Version)5:00
5.Only a Broken Heart (Alternate Version)4:58
6.Drivin' Down To Georgia (Alternate Version)5:00
7.You Wreck Me (Alternate Version)3:28
8.It's Good to Be King (Alternate Version)4:48
9.House in the Woods (Alternate Version)5:01
10.Honey Bee (Alternate Version)5:15
11.Girl on LSD (Alternate Version)3:43
12.Cabin Down Below (Acoustic Version)2:45
13.Wildflowers (Alternate Version)3:26
14.Don't Fade on Me (Alternate Version)4:25
15.Wake Up Time (Alternate Version)5:33
16.You Saw Me Comin' (Alternate Version)4:35