XSCAPE (Deluxe Edition) mp3 Artist Compilation by Michael Jackson

XSCAPE (Deluxe Edition)by Michael Jackson

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:13:30


1.Love Never Felt So Good3:55
3.Loving You3:15
4.A Place With No Name5:35
5.Slave to the Rhythm4:16
6.Do You Know Where Your Children Are4:36
7.Blue Gangsta4:14
9.Love Never Felt So Good (original version)3:21
10.Chicago (original version)4:44
11.Loving You (original version)3:03
12.A Place With No Name (original version)4:57
13.Slave to the Rhythm (original version)4:36
14.Do You Know Where Your Children Are (original version)4:40
15.Blue Gangsta (original version)4:17
16.Xscape (original version)5:44
17.Love Never Felt So Good (and Justin Timberlake)4:06
Even though Michael is gone his music lives!! You must check out "Love Never Felt so Good (w/ Justin Timberlake)" and "A Place without A Name". Both of these I heard for the first time from Jeep commercials. They were really catchy tunes and i loved the beat, so I looked for them. Thanks Caprice for locating them!!