Absolution mp3 Album by Muse
  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 52:20


2.Apocalypse Please4:13
3.Time Is Running Out3:56
4.Sing For Absolution4:55
5.Stockholm Syndrome4:59
6.Falling Away With You4:41
10.Butterflies & Hurricanes5:02
11.The Small Print3:29
13.Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist3:11
14.Ruled By Secrecy4:54
Muse's third studio album was what broke the band into the mainstream crowd, and with good reason. The guitar riffs which back up absolutely fantastic vocals had always been the band's trademark up until that point, but Absolution perfected the formula.

The first half of the album definitely approaches perfection, with Apocalypse Please, Time Is Running Out, Sing for Absolution and Stockholm Syndrome each being great tracks (Time Is Running Out remains my stand-out Muse song to this day).

Track 7, the interlude, clues the listener in to the fact that the tone is about to shift, and it does. After the halfway point, the album has relatively few truly awe-inspiring tracks to show (although Hysteria is one of Muse's finest moments), but the quality remains consistent. It doesn't compare to what has already come, but that's only because the first part of the album is such a ridiculously high quality.

Any Muse fan had ought to own this. Alongside Black Holes and Revelations, it can be considered Muse's best album, and is absolutely worth buying.
Big Al
Easily one of the finest albums muse have created, the album sweeps through massive epics with mind blowing instrumentals (which are certainly a highlight of the album - with brilliant piano solo's and guitar rifts) as well as tracks with a punkier, edgier feel, all featuring powerful vocals that are guaranteed to grab you. Muse is sure to be on your list of favorite artists of all time after giving this album a good listen!
Jules Wilson
This album is one of Muse' best albums, which really put a name to them. It has INCREDIBLE guitar riffs throughout all the pieces, which Matt Bellamy has so ingeniously created. Not only this but the music in this piece is so complex and brilliant, and the lyrics are deep and meaningful. Any Muse fan MUST have this album, and any fan of the Alternative/Rock genres must have this album, and even if you are not a fan, try this out, cause you will get hooked!