The 2nd Law mp3 Album by Muse

The 2nd Lawby Muse

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 53:35


3.Panic Station3:04
6.Follow Me3:51
9.Big Freeze4:40
10.Save Me5:09
11.Liquid State3:03
12.The 2nd Law: Unsustainable3:48
13.The 2nd Law: Isolated System5:00
I love this cd, but have to admit that Madness is a big reason for that. It's one of those songs where the music, lyrics, intensity, and composition all work perfectly. It gives me goosebumps every time I hear it! The rest of the cd is that excellent mix of rock, electronica, and instrumentals that are staples of the band, with Supremacy and Liquid State standing as excellent titles to represent what Muse's sound is
Madness by the English group Muse is a single from their second album, "The 2nd Law". The song was written by frontman Matt Bellamy. To me, songs tend to be more believable when the writer is singing it. There is more of a connection. It sometimes give you a magical feeling or sound that you just know it is great. It drastically reminds me of U2 and Bono in the 80s. I haven't liked a new release this well since "Pumped up Kicks." It is my favorite current song out. Madness is about being crazy in love, but has a dark enough sound, that it doesn't really have a sappy love song feel to it. I highly recommend it.
Rene Seibert
three stars fgor muse people! I found this music to be quit inspiring during my yoga excertcises and meditation periods! For some reason clarity beams through to me while listening to this album! I plan to purchase the entoire thing! I could not be more excited about this ! I found their lyrics to be e3asy to understand and to tell a nice story!Kudos my fr4iens to theese guys! I would be comfortable in recommending this to everyone! Definatrly worth your timke and attgentiuon! Give it a listen! Til next time ! Red Rene