AFI (The Blood Album) mp3 Album by AFI

AFI (The Blood Album)by AFI

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 46:38


1.Dark Snow3:17
2.Still a Stranger2:50
4.Hidden Knives2:56
5.Get Hurt3:44
6.Above the Bridge3:29
7.So Beneath You3:19
8.Snow Cats3:21
9.Dumb Kids2:40
10.Pink Eyes3:28
11.Feed From the Floor4:10
12.White Offerings2:50
13.She Speaks the Language4:01
14.The Wind That Carries Me Away3:39
Glen Shivers
After AFI's unconventional marketing and buzz creation of their new album, "The Blood Album", it is finally available for download on MP3Caprice. Waiting for almost four years since the 2013 release of their last album, "Burials", and watching with curiosity as AFI pulled unconventional and eccentric stunts such as the blacking out of their social media profile images and releasing teaser videos in which the audio was switched backwards, AFI does not disappoint with "The Blood Album". Davey's vocals grabs all the attention; he has probably reached the peak of his career...his vocals are that good! Most tracks on the album are typical AFI, driving punk rhythms that will have you banging your head and looking for the nearest mosh pit. Using their lyrical creativity on the song "Snow Cats", they diversify their typical fast paced and forceful punk rock beats with a slightly slower and melancholic feel based on the witty lyrics and guitar talent to capture the ears and interest of their fans. Solidly five star, "The Blood Album" was definitely worth the wait. Every song is a gem; don't be a chump by just downloading a couple of tracks from this album...GET EVERY TRACK!