Aftershock mp3 Album by Motörhead
  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 47:00


2.Coup de Grace3:46
3.Lost Woman Blues4:09
4.End of Time3:17
5.Do You Believe3:00
6.Death Machine2:38
7.Dust and Glass2:51
8.Going to Mexico2:52
9.Silence When You Speak to Me4:30
10.Crying Shame4:28
11.Queen of the Damned2:41
13.Keep Your Powder Dry3:54
Robert McGough
Motorhead still has it! this album rocks and it has more of the rockin' boogie sound to it. For example Cryin' Shame has that 50's kind of rock piano to it like Little Richard plays, but with more Guitar riffs. Heartbreaker starts off the album and it has that signature sound of 80's Motorhead , think Ace of Spades and Iron Fist. Lemmy sounds just like he did in the beginning he doesn't miss a beat. The rest of the band is very tight the songs are really good and great guitar riffs with less of the trash metal sound. Lost woman Blues has a bluesy sound almost non Motorhead this is one of my Favorites also -Paralyzed and Queen of the Damned recon back to the old glory days of Motorhead, This is one of the best to come out in years for them, grab it quick.