American Capitalist (Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by Five Finger Death Punch

American Capitalist (Deluxe Edition)by Five Finger Death Punch

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 55:37


Disk #1

1.American Capitalist3:28
2.Under and Over It3:38
3.The Pride3:24
4.Coming Down4:01
6.Generation Dead3:43
7.Back for More3:23
8.Remember Everything4:39
9.Wicked Ways3:08
10.If I Fall3:57
11.100 Ways to Hate3:21

Disk #2

1.Under and Over It (Remix)3:57
2.The Pride (Remix)3:24
3.Remember Everything (Remix)4:51
4.100 Ways to Hate (Remix)3:11
American Capitalist by Five Finger Death Punch is a truly amazing musical venture into the depths of heaviness and epic. The sounds of American Capitalist vary from soothing, meaningful titles such as "Coming Down" to their core pulsing sounds of aggression and authenticity in "American Capitalist" and "Back for More." This album is a MUST GET. Truly their strongest tone yet.
This is my kind of band. I love them, have not heard one bad song from them "Under and Over it" I play on repeat constantly, especially when I'm driving around town lol. Turn that up and roll down the windows. "Remember Everything" is really more of there mellow track. very calming, good flow, still another good driving song. They'd be a great band to see in concert.