Blow Me (One Last Kiss) mp3 Single by P!nk

Blow Me (One Last Kiss)by P!nk

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1.Blow Me (One Last Kiss)4:16
Although not reminiscent of Pink's older stuff, it's still a pretty good track. I suggest you listen to it before you buy, so you know what you're getting, but I don't think anyone would be too dissapointed with it. At first, I liked the song, but they play it on the radio way too much for my liking, so my affection for this song has waned. If you are a Pink fan, I guess you'd like this song, but if you don't really listen to Pink, her older stuff is much better.
Max B
Another addition to the "rock-pop" genre which is trending at the moment. P!nk's new song "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)", which has been given surprisingly little radioplay, is fitting with the current Katy Perry/One Direction trend of mixing slightly rockish instruments with the pop genre. It remains unexceptional but still a nice song which fans of P!nk will certainly enjoy. Listen to "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" before you buy - if you like what you hear, get it here, it's crazy cheap!