Born To Die (Special Edition) mp3 Album by Lana Del Rey

Born To Die (Special Edition)by Lana Del Rey

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:00:50


1.Born to Die4:45
2.Off to the Races5:02
3.Blue Jeans (remastered)3:31
4.Video Games (remastered)4:42
5.Diet Mountain Dew3:43
6.National Anthem3:51
7.Dark Paradise4:03
10.Million Dollar Man3:50
11.Summertime Sadness4:25
12.This Is What Makes Us Girls3:59
13.Without You3:49
15.Lucky Ones3:47
So this album Is definitely an interesting one. I have both loved and hated it at different times. I think the reason for that is that it is an album with an underlying Sadness to it. But the sadness comes across in such away that you get wrapped up in it as well. If you are feeling sad or depressed, this won't make you feel much better. But if you are looking for a friend to share in your pain then this album can definitely be that. So sometimes I am sad and I want to stay sad and in those moments I love this album. But other times, I feel sad and I am looking for relief and this makes it worse. So I would say this is a good album but you have to be in the right mood otherwise it is easy to misinterpret it and then not be able to enjoy it as a result.
It took me a while to finally recognize her music because for a while I never heard her songs on the radio or anything. So I just assumed her music did not matter. However I was very wrong. Not long ago I heard her song "summertime sadness" and it really piqued my interest in her music. Now I will say some of her songs are a little too slow for my taste, but the few songs I do love by her are just complete gold! My recommendations if you listen to any of her songs listen to -Summertime Sadness, Blue Jeans, Diet Mountain Dew and Dark Paradise-I can't stop listening to them now and I only wish I had discovered Lana Del Rey sooner :)
Rene Seibert
This one took some getting used to . Not my usual thing, but as I am now someone who has opened her mind to certain new things I gave it a try. Very deep sounding base in this one. Almost a certain dark feel and energy to the music side of it. You can barely make out the words being said and for me that is a big no no. As i have said before , I like music that tells a story and is easy to understand There is no story here or uplifting positive anything. I found it mostly dark and not tro my personal liking!Til next tiome, ONE LOVE Red Rene