Boys & Girls mp3 Album by Alabama Shakes

Boys & Girlsby Alabama Shakes

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 36:40


1.Hold On3:48
2.I Found You3:02
3.Hang Loose2:26
4.Rise To The Sun3:11
5.You Ain't Alone4:47
6.Goin' To The Party1:48
8.Boys & Girls3:28
9.Be Mine4:17
10.I Ain't The Same2:58
11.On Your Way3:05

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Alabama shakes definitely have a different sound that is funky and eclectic yet tasteful. They have rhythm with a soulful sound that makes you want to bob your head to the beat. Hold on is the most definitive example of this harmony of sounds. It is great for a drive on a sunny day. I, however, think some of the messages of the lyrics are lacking. That is why I must rate it at 3 stars.
Greg Bartsch
Who did this chick kill to get a voice like dat? No one on my death list so that's kind of disappointing...
Scott Williamson
Alabama Shakes is definitely blues rock, with great variety in the tracks of what I believe is their first album, "Boys & Girls". The song "Hold On" got me interested in this band and I love what I could preview of the whole album, except for one song - "Goin' To The Party". I hope they get established and make more music. I bet they're great live!