Build A Rocket Boys! mp3 Album by Elbow

Build A Rocket Boys!by Elbow

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 51:42


1.The Birds8:04
2.Lippy Kids6:06
3.With Love4:12
4.Neat Little Rows5:40
5.Jesus Is A Rochdale Girl3:18
6.The Night Will Always Win4:25
7.High Ideals5:39
8.The River2:51
9.Open Arms4:54
10.The Birds (Reprise)1:32
11.Dear Friends5:01
Max Bastow
Amazing melodies, a pleasure to the ears, this is just a wonderfull album. Always surpassing themselves, Elbow's latest album is also their greatest. Once again they present a variety of songs and Guy Garvey's voice lulls you into a euphoric state. Genuinely amazing, buy it now!