Can't Feel My Face mp3 Single by The Weeknd

Can't Feel My Faceby The Weeknd

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  • 3:36


1.Can't Feel My Face3:36
Smash hit "Can't Feel My Face" has been getting much airtime in recent days, due to it's Michael Jackson inspired dance-hit feel. Following the current trend in pop music, this is another song which builds up to the chorus, before cutting back for a bass heavy, but somehow chilled-out sounding hook. Sure to get the dance floor grooving, this is a big success from The Weekend. Try to enjoy this track without thinking too much about the fact that the lyrics are probably written about Cocaine consumption, and you should be just fine.

"Can't Feel My Face" will not go down as one of the great songs of it's time, but it is definitely worth buying for the sake of a few house-parties. Crank it.