Despicable Me 2 mp3 Soundtrack by Various Artists

Despicable Me 2by Various Artists

  • 24 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 1:01:35


1.Screamby Cee Lo Green3:42
2.Another Irish Drinking Songby The Minions0:39
3.Just a Cloud Awayby Pharrell Williams2:56
4.Happyby Pharrell Williams3:53
5.I Swearby The Minions1:38 The Minions2:55
7.Fun, Fun, Funby Pharrell Williams3:26
8.Despicable Meby Pharrell Williams4:15
9.PX-41 Labsby Heitor Pereira2:07
10.The Fairy Partyby Heitor Pereira1:27
11.Lucy and the AVLby Heitor Pereira5:40
12.Goodbye Nefarioby Heitor Pereira1:28
13.Time for Bedby Heitor Pereira1:27
14.Break-Inby Heitor Pereira3:00
15.Stalking Floyd Eaglesanby Heitor Pereira1:35
16.Moving to Australiaby Heitor Pereira3:10
17.Going to Save the Worldby Heitor Pereira1:26
18.El Machoby Heitor Pereira1:27
19.Jillianby Heitor Pereira0:47
20.Take Her Homeby Heitor Pereira1:29
21.El Macho's Lairby Heitor Pereira3:33
22.Home Invasionby Heitor Pereira1:58
23.The Big Battleby Heitor Pereira7:23
24.Ba Do Bleepby The Minions0:14
This album is great!! It has several original songs from Pherrell Williams including "Happy" which was nominated for an Oscar. PLus it has several fabulous songs sung by The Minions!