Dig Out Your Soul mp3 Album by Oasis

Dig Out Your Soulby Oasis

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 45:55


1.Bag It Up4:40
2.The Turning5:05
3.Waiting For The Rapture3:03
4.The Shock Of The Lightning5:00
5.I'M Outta Time4:10
6.[Get Off Your] High Horse Lady4:07
7.Falling Down4:20
8.To Be Where There'S Life4:36
9.Ain't Got Nothin'2:15
10.The Nature Of Reality3:48
11.Soldier On4:51
For some reason I wasn't expecting much from "Dig Out Your Soul", probably because I wasn't too crazy about the previous album. But Oasis came through for me, with their seventh and final album before the band split up. All but two of the tracks was written by either Noel or Liam Gallagher as most Oasis songs are, but "Dig Out Your Soul" manages to stay fresh and original.

"Bag It Up" keeps up a great strong rhythm, with an offbeat style and an electronic effect on some of the vocals that gives it a fresh vibe for Oasis. "I'm Outta Time" is a particular favorite of mine, both written and sung by Liam. Has a very John Lennon-esque sound. Actually there's a really neat part of the song that features a speech clip from an interview with John Lennon. "Soldier On" (also by Liam) has pretty simple lyrics, repeating the title phrase several times over at the end, but an unexpected melody and a really lonely sounding harmonica piece at the end that is beautiful. And of course Liam's vocals are awesome to match.

"To Be Where There's Life" is another good track with a consistent rhythmic beat and climaxing volume, written by Oasis's guitarist Gem Archer. Fits perfectly with Noel and Liam's compositions but Gem's unique style gives a nice variation to the album.

Some of the tracks' lyrics, like those of "Falling Down" and "The Nature of Reality", show a considerable amount of religious cynicism that I personally disagree with but the album never loses its great sound. All in all I like Oasis's final album as much as their first. Five stars!!