Greatest Hits mp3 Artist Compilation by Beth Hart

Greatest Hitsby Beth Hart

  • 38 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:39:05


Disk #1

1.Bad Woman Blues3:36
2.Try A Little Harder3:53
3.Black Coffee (with Joe Bonamassa)4:17
4.Damn Your Eyes (with Joe Bonamassa)4:34
5.Jazz Man3:52
6.Love Is A Lie3:15
7.Tell Her You Belong To Me (feat. Jeff Beck)4:10
9.Mechanical Heart4:16
10.Close To My Fire (with Joe Bonamassa)5:14
11.Baddest Blues4:49
12.Bang Bang Boom Boom3:35
13.Your Heart Is As Black As Night (with Joe Bonamassa)5:01
14.I'll Take Care Of You (with Joe Bonamassa)5:13
15.Life Is Calling3:51
16.Good As It Gets3:57
17.Lay Your Hands On Me4:12
18.L. A. Song (Out Of This Town)3:56
19.God Bless You3:10

Disk #2

1.Rub Me For Luck4:34
2.War In My Mind4:24
3.Give It Everything You Got (with Joe Bonamassa)4:41
4.Fire On The Floor5:15
5.Let's Get Together3:41
6.Mama This One's For You3:29
7.The Mood That I'm In3:58
8.Miss Lady (with Joe Bonamassa)4:58
9.Them There Eyes (with Joe Bonamassa)2:34
10.Better Man3:50
11.Thru The Window Of My Mind4:24
12.Sinner's Prayer (with Joe Bonamassa)4:31
13.Well, well (with Joe Bonamassa)3:44
14.Sister Heroine4:32
15.Take It Easy On Me4:16
16.Learning To Live4:18
17.Leave The Light On4:06
18.World Without You4:28
19.Delicious Surprise3:48