Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XI: Thecreatorsofthenexthardcoregeneration mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XI: Thecreatorsofthenexthardcoregenerationby Various Artists

  • 34 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:27:25


Disk #1

1.Partyfreakz (feat. DJ Outblast)by Bass-D & King Matthew4:41
2.Blow Your Brains (vs. Scott Brown)by Neophyte4:33
3.The Undeadby DJ Nosferatu4:22
4.Chemistryby The Masochist4:35
5.X-plorationby DJ D4:02
6.Message to the Majorsby Promo4:18
7.Soul Sellerby Masters of Ceremony4:13
8.Son of a Bitch (remix)by Menace II Society4:19
9.The World Is Mineby Catscan4:18
10.Raw 2 the Core (vs. Dr. Z-Vago)by DJ Dione4:01
11.Clockwork (vs. DJ Mad Dog)by Tommyknocker4:25
12.Land of Hardcore (vs. Re-Style)by Bass-D & King Matthew4:36
13.I Will Not Be Pushedby DJ Dione4:00
14.It Ain't Overby Division X4:31
15.Up Yours (and Nonasylum)by DJ Wicked4:27
16.T-2002by Tommyknocker3:59
17.Soul Entrapment (feat. DJ Nosferatu)by Hamunaptra4:13

Disk #2

1.No Competitionby DJ Adrien4:19
2.Mass Confusion (and DJ Panic)by Neophyte4:25
3.Stomp!by The Masochist4:24
4.Hit 'emby Tha Playah4:14
5.Jellyneckby Base Alert4:09
6.It Never Stopsby Angerfist4:38
7.The Nutritionby Tommyknocker4:18
8.Give Ya Houseby Re-Style4:29
9.Come With Me (Menace II Society remix)by T-Wisted4:21
10.Quiet Storm (feat. DJ Outblast)by Bass-D & King Matthew4:16
11.So Fucking What?by Masters of Ceremony4:36
12.Apocalypse (and D'Spyre)by Knightvision4:17
13.Still Standing Strongby Shadowlands Terrorists4:34
14.Demon Seedby Omar Santana4:28
15.Suffer Eternal Tormentby Menace II Society4:06
16.Gun Clappingby Dr. Z-Vago4:10
17.Easy Man (Crazy Piano remix) (and DJ Tails)by MC Drokz4:08