Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XV: The Devilish Mindz of Depraved Soldiers mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XV: The Devilish Mindz of Depraved Soldiersby Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:28:04


Disk #1

1.Anger Is Easy (Outblast's THC remix)by Illmat!c3:27
2.What's Up With Life (and Osiris)by T-Junction4:13
3.Antichrist Superstarby Bloodcage3:47
4.Rock the Part-Eby Endymion4:43
5.My Inner Crisis (and Tafkat)by Drokz4:06
6.Realityby Prowler4:26
7.Skullcrackby DJ D4:09
8.Motherfucking Bangby Noize Suppressor3:40
9.Phreaking Elektronics (and D-Passion)by Catscan3:59
10.Causing Hysteriaby Omar Santana3:59
11.Hardcore Time (Headbanger remix)by DJ Outblast3:29
12.Punk Losersby Delta 93:19
13.Time 2 Unite (and Tafkat)by Drokz3:50
14.Fucking on the Dancefloorby Re-Style4:39
15.Gas Met Die Zooiby Denekamps Gespuis4:42
16.Doomsday Mechaniksby The DJ Producer4:59
17.Master Beatby The Blaster4:04
18.Outblast Megamixby Akira4:25

Disk #2

1.Hard Step Future Forceby The Horrorist3:06
2.Audio Wasteby Angerfist3:40
3.Take It Personalby Promo4:24
4.Wash Machineby Noize Suppressor4:54
5.Bombs Over Baghdad (Ill-Matic remix)by DJ Outblast3:58
6.Infectionby Division X3:51
7.DB Areaby DJ D4:14
8.Paybackby Endymion5:06
9.Lesson Oneby Dr. Z-Vago4:01
10.Still Wastedby Korsakoff3:55
11.Everything Gained (and Promo)by Producer3:14
12.Blair Bitch Projectby DJ Dione3:42
13.Self Destruction (vs. Scott Brown)by Neophyte4:38
14.Dedicatedby Evil Activities4:30
15.My Brain (Nosferatu remix)by Delta 94:23
16.Keep the VIbes Aliveby Re-Style4:39
17.Dedicated 2 3SA (and Tafkat)by Drokz3:38
18.Ik Haat Tranceby Noisekick4:15