Hillbilly Bone mp3 Album by Blake Shelton

Hillbilly Boneby Blake Shelton

  • 6 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 22:05


1.Hillbilly Bone (feat. Trace Adkins)3:47
2.Kiss My Country Ass4:15
3.You'll Always Be Beautiful3:48
4.Can't Afford To Love You3:25
6.Almost Alright3:08
What is this album? It's a six-pack with attitude! Well, at least it begins with Blake Shelton's characteristic arrogance. He soon delves into deeper emotions, and a level of vulnerability can be sensed through his music. With Blake Shelton, it's all entertaining, good music, though.
"Hillbilly Bone" is a great jam to lift your spirits and possibly make you swagger, and "Kiss My Country Ass" will for sure have you holding your head a little higher as you hum whichever part gets stuck in your head. The other four songs, while similar, are incredibly different from each other, but they stand out so much from the first two tracks that they sound slightly more alike than they are. They embrace a more romantic side of Blake and are basically the cherry on the top of this small, but great, sundae.