Hotline Bling mp3 Single by Drake

Hotline Blingby Drake

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  • 4:27


1.Hotline Bling4:27
This song is not just catchy, but it actually has meaning to it, which I can appreciate. There has been a lot of attention given to this song, mainly because of Drake's dancing (or lack thereof) in the music video, but I think maybe people are so distracted by that, that they are missing out on the fact that this is a really good song.

Yes, this song has a catchy, danceable vibe to it, but the lyrics have meaning too. "Hotline Bling" is a song about a woman that causes her man so much stress because he always has to wonder if she is being faithful when he's not around. There isn't that trust that should be there in a relationship, and so Drake is left wondering if his woman is fooling around, doing things that she shouldn't be, and it's causing him a lot of heartache.

I'm not really a big Drake fan, but I enjoy this song. The lyrics are clean, and the songs has a meaning. Granted, it is a mature meaning, so kids won't get it probably, but it is still a fantastic song! Worth the money!