Moon Landing (Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by James Blunt

Moon Landing (Deluxe Edition)by James Blunt

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 49:07


1.Face the Sun4:01
3.Bonfire Heart3:58
4.Heart to Heart3:28
5.Miss America3:05
6.The Only One3:42
7.Sun on Sunday3:16
9.Always Hate Me3:37
11.Blue on Blue3:50
13.Kiss This Love Goodbye2:35
Robert McGough
He is back after a little time off and it seems to be worth the wait. This is his fourth album and I think it is his best to date. His voice is his shinning armor and he sings with such love and sadness and a longing in his heart. One track that really stands out to me is-Miss America- which is about Whitney Houston and it is a very heart felt song and a bit mournful.That doesn't mean that this set is all somber, because it isn't it is very upbeat actually. Satellites and- Bonfire Heart- are very folk -dance like beat and should be great pop singles ,his voice is unique and amazing he puts such feeling in to the songs. On the songs Always hate me-Face The Sun and bones are just truly great tunes, The writing and singing is so confident you can't help but to love it. The song- Blue on Blue- is a great song with great acoustic guitar and piano and his lush sounding voice is even more sure of himself than any other effort he has had, so give this man from across the pond a real good listen its more than just (Beautiful).