Museum of Memories Vol. 2: 1973-2013 mp3 Artist Compilation by Tom Russell

Museum of Memories Vol. 2: 1973-2013by Tom Russell

  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:16:26


1.Old Saltillo Road3:55
2.Fields of Athenry3:19
3.In the American Grain3:04
4.Better Left Unsaid4:04
5.The Coat Hank Williams Wore3:56
6.Donkey Show/Cancion Mixteca2:50
7.De Kooning4:18
8.Small Engine Repair3:33
9.John Doe Mexican5:13
10.The Outcast4:51
11.Business End of the Blues3:19
12.Neighbors (Bill and Joan)4:21
13.I Hate to Tell You I Told You So3:22
14.Homeless Hearts3:42
16.Amish Lullaby2:21
17.Talking Drum (For Phil Everly)3:45
18.The Heart Can't Stand It2:17
19.Valley of the Rio Grande4:14
20.Leaving Texas3:21
21.Trucker's Farewell2:36